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Whilst Gina has experienced a series of “light bulb” moments, I can say that my journey has been more like an emerging dawn. For a long time I’ve had this feeling , this nudging from inside that says “there is more”. For the best part , I thought that meant riches. The car, the job, the house and the things. As we set about building our suburban life, I dedicated myself to being the provider of those things, just as my father did, along with just about every other father I know. We built a home, purchased cars, wired in 5.1 surround sound.
But that nudging inside. It didn’t subside.
We moved to a bigger home, purchased a new car and upgraded to 7.1 with a 12″ sub.
That nudge? It didn’t subside.
“I want to be a millionaire”, I would say to Gina. But did I really? Are we chasing a million dollars, or are we chasing the lifestyle that we associate with a million dollars? The million dollar lifestyle.

It is my experience that if we ask ourselves a question, there’s a good chance that we will find an answer, but if we are open-minded, the answer may not be what we expected.

In its purist form, I was looking for the answer to how I find financial freedom. How do I break the ties between trading time for money? This search led me to many wonderful books, most of which were audio books, which ran in my car during my hour each way to and from work. I created a “vision board” – images of the type of lifestyle I wanted, placed right above my desk so I could look at it frequently. I believe fully that what we focus on we create, but for some reason, my vision board seemed to be just a bunch of pictures.

Simon's Vision Board

Simon’s Vision Board

I started applying “will power” to what I was reading and focusing on. I’ve always been a big guy, right back from school, so I used my “will power” to lose weight, and I did. Then Gina had this crazy idea to quit her job and start up a pink cupcake shop, so I applied my “will power” to that for 4 months straight. Don’t get me wrong, I supported her and the business 100%, and really enjoyed fitting out her shop, but during that time, all the weight I had lost found its way back, and it brought friends! I have heaps of “will power”. I really do. But what I have found is that the application of it is quite useless without a purpose, and as I move it from one focus to another, something falls behind, whether that be family or health or career or finances.

BUT, on the day Gina came to me and said “I’m ready to sell the business” that all began to change. We had been working so hard for decades for all of the stuff we had, and we had both arrived at the realisation that even if we paid it all off, we were still trapped by it. Things started to go – we’ve already sold $10,000 worth of stuff on eBay, Gumtree and a garage sale – and didn’t miss one thing! Gina’s cupcake business sold, and the house is on the market. Now we wait, and I apply my “will power” to patience.

The future is now limitless, and it is through travel that I believe we will find the “millionaire lifestyle”, but at a fraction of the cost. Our purpose will be revealed – it may be noble and grand, or it could be a small part in a bigger picture, but I know that’s it’s by-product will be our family growing, finding health, learning together and ultimately finding true happiness.

The irony strikes me, of how I had built this vision for the future, in pictures, yet my actions have been in conflict. Conflict from the self-imposed limitations and fears of what might happen if we sell the lot and hit the road! I sit now, looking at the vision board that hangs above my desk, and for the first time, everything on it is possible.

The sky’s the limit.

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