Our Travel History – New York

By December 1999 we had been living in London for 12 months and were coming up on our second Christmas away from home. Everyone was talking about where they wanted to be for New Years Eve to witness the first minutes of the year 2000. Simon and I tossed around a few ideas of what we should do; Stay in London? Go home? Go somewhere memorable? I don’t remember how, but the suggestion of New York came up, and we were sold! After all, New York has the reputation of being one of the best cities to visit at Christmas time, and Times Square was bound to be one of the biggest parties on the planet that year. We were also hopeful that we might have a white Christmas, as it was shaping up to be a cold winter with snowfalls in October when we were booking our tickets. I should point out that this was THE MOST EXPENSIVE travel that we have ever done, but totally worth it 🙂 We flew into New York on Christmas Eve and stayed at the Paramount Hotel just off Times Square. Whilst there was no snow that week, New York did not disappoint. The city is decorated beautifully at Christmas time, and we enjoyed visiting all the famous landmarks, including the still standing Twin Towers. The celebrations in Times Square exceeded our expectations. Two million people began pouring into the barricaded area early in the morning despite the freezing cold temperatures. Thank goodness our hotel supplied us with wrist bands that allowed us to move through the barricades throughout the day and night ready to watch the ball drop and be rained on by thousands of confetti squares.



 Simon&Gina NY JAN 2000

 USA NewYork




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  1. We visited before we had the kids, but I’d love to go back with them next time. It is a great city for kids because they’d recognise so many famous landmarks, and there’s always something happening.

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