I’m Allergic to this Life. I Think I Need a New One.

No. I don’t own one of these, sadly it’s too close to reality!

Did you know I have some pretty freaky allergies and intolerances? Most of the time I just keep it to myself, I always think people will judge me as being a whinger, or a hypochondriac. But since I consider my health to be one of the motivating factors that lead Simon and I to explore our lifestyle options, I’ve decided to go public. I like to think that I am a fairly healthy person. I watch what I eat, I’m within a healthy weight range, I run a couple of times a week, and I swim a couple of times a week, and yet, frustratingly, there are elements to my health that seem to be out of my control. Irritatingly also, all of the things that my body rejects are very common to the average person, so in our house we do joke a little about Mum’s freaky (sometimes deadly) allergies.

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