Sydney, Australia – With Kids

Sydney Australia

Sydney is one of our favourite cities in Australia to visit. It is a beautiful city to wander around in, and there are lots of family friendly things to do. The drive from Adelaide takes about 15 hours, or the flight is about 2 hours, we’ve done both, although there is a lot more traffic than we are used to! What we love most about Sydney, is that the iconic views of the Harbour area, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, still have that wow factor no matter how many times we visit. Continue reading

Our Travel History – Australia

Australia is a BIG country. Even though we have lived here most of our lives, Simon and I have only seen a teeny tiny bit of what’s on offer. As mentioned in a previous post, we live in Adelaide, this is in South Australia, right at the bottom, in the middle of our huge continent. Over the years we’ve had lots of family vacations to beautiful places here in South Australia – the Innes National Park at the bottom of the York Peninsular is one of our favourites. Continue reading