The Giant’s Causeway and a Snow Storm Adventure

On Monday we met an Australian friend at the airport who was coming to stay just three days with us here in Ireland. It’s a short time to explore an entire country so we came up with a few ideas for some day trips that we might take from Wexford to show off the best of the region. As we head south on the motorway that night toward Wexford, we asked our friend (who had briefly visited Ireland before) if there was anything that she’d really like to see during her short stay… “The Giant’s Causeway” was her response. Um, OK, we live in the far south, and that is about as far north as you can travel in Ireland, AND there is a snow storm forecast, but sure, why not? Let’s have an adventure!

Giant's Causeway

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Our Irish Home – Wexford


Commercial Quay Wexford by night 3

Commercial Quay, Wexford by night.

Wexford Town (Loch Garman in Irish) is a pretty coastal town in the South East of Ireland, about a 2 hour drive from Dublin. It is also the town that we’re currently calling ‘home’ as we slow travel on Our Global Adventure. Wexford is said to be a bustling holiday destination in the summer, but on these short, grey January days, we are thoroughly enjoying exploring the town without the tourist crowds.

We only arrived a month ago, but the Vikings found harbour in the Slaney River as early as 850. They went about creating a settlement until the Normans captured Wexford in 1169 and erected impressive structures like a fort, and city walls. Sadly, Cromwell’s forces also took an interest in this port town on the Slaney, and in 1649 they sacked many prominent buildings and murdered two thirds of the towns inhabitants for good measure. It’s a story we hear often at historical sights around Ireland, and 400 years later, it’s a wonder there’s any historical buildings left in Ireland given Cromwell’s partiality for a bit of destruction! So sit back and relax, as we take you on a tour of our Irish home – Wexford… Continue reading

Glendalough, Ireland – Photo Essay

Glendalough or Gleann Dá Loch in Irish means “glen of two lakes”, and we had it on pretty good advice that this was a must see for our time in Ireland. Nestled in a picturesque valley in County Wicklow, Gleann Dá Loch does not disappoint!

The Early Medieval monastic settlement was founded in the 6th century by St Kevin (Caoimhín), a hermit priest, who went to the valley for solitude. Those seeking his teaching soon followed and the settlement grew. In 1398 English forces left it a ruin but it continued as a church of local importance and a place of pilgrimage.

The buildings that remain today date from between the 10th and 12th centuries.

The national park area surrounding the settlement offers hours of exploring with well-marked walking trails for all fitness levels.

Being winter, we were able to enjoy this amazing place with just a handful of others, and truly soak up the ageless atmosphere, but this destination is one that requires four season, so I think we’ll be back.

Enjoy, Glendalough


Glendalough Ireland

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The Oldest Operational Lighthouse in the World – Keeping the Seas Safe since the 5th Century


Hook Lighthouse


Ever have one of those moments when you just think, ‘Yup, this is why I’m doing this’? We had one of those recently. In fact, the day that we went to visit Hook Lighthouse in County Wexford, Ireland Simon and I had lots of those moments. Ireland is steeped in the most incredible history. History you can still touch, feel, experience, it’s all around us here. A day-trip with the kids climbing to the top of the lighthouse, and meandering about old abbey ruins reminded us exactly why we’ve chosen the whole world as their classroom… Continue reading

King John’s Castle, Limerick, Ireland



Last week we took the children to their very first ‘real’ castle. After reading in our Lonely Planet guide that the castle has an excellent new (opened Nov 2013) education centre with interactive displays for the kids to touch and view, we chose to visit King John’s Castle in Limerick. Limerick is on the Western side of Ireland, on the River Shannon. The drive to Limerick takes two hours on the M7 motorway from Dublin, or there is an airport nearby as well. Limerick is a large city that tourist will stop at as they travel along Ireland’s West coast on the Wild Atlantic Way, but for us this time, it was just a day trip from Wexford. Continue reading

How we Rented a Car in Ireland for just €240 for 28 Days


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5 Things to do in Dublin with Kids.


Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo

We recently spent a week in Ireland’s capital with our kids. Dublin has a bit of a reputation as being a small European capital that likes to party big. Let’s just say, having a pint or two, (or three!) in a lively pub seems to be the reason many young travellers make their way to the narrow streets of the Temple Bar area. But, if you are traveling with kids, rest assured, there is plenty to around Dublin that doesn’t involve boozy late nights and a sore head in the morning. We’ve put together a list of 5 things to do in Dublin with kids, which should keep everyone entertained in the city that could also be known as the city with a big heart. Continue reading

First Impressions of Ireland

20141116_230307 (Medium)

Well, we’ve done it. Survived our first week in Ireland. I have purposely waited exactly 7 days to write this post so that I could give our first impressions of Eire after a few goodnight’s sleep (hello jetlag!) and so that I could tell you that we have seen more than the route from the airport to the hotel! We’ve spent most of our time in Dublin, with one day down in the South East of Ireland, at Wexford, so we have barely scratched the surface of the Emerald Isle. But, this is not a comprehensive ‘tell all’ about Ireland, this is our First Impressions of Ireland, warts and all, because first impressions count right? Continue reading

10 Reasons Why We Have Decided to Live in Ireland

ireland_118_bg_061702 (Medium) The flights are booked, and there’s dog-eared pages in our Lonely Planet Guide. In 10 weeks we will be moving to The Republic of Ireland, or Eire as the locals prefer to call it. So in anticipation of counting down the next 10 weeks, it seems only fitting that we share our top 10 reasons for starting the first overseas leg of Our Global Adventure in Ireland.
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