Why We Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Ask The Kids Opinion of Our Travel Plans.

Our Global Adventure

It’s been almost a year since Simon and I decided Enough! We need a change!”. We were both working long hours, him commuting an hour each way to work, me running a small business and the kids attending the local private school. Nearly a year later, we’re Unschooling the kids at home, the business has sold, we’ve sold over $10,000 worth of junk from the house, and the sale of the house is frustratingly close, (but not quite done). A year on, we feel like we’re a lot closer to seeing out our dream of Our Global Adventure with the children, but it is still difficult to include them in the planning. Continue reading

Please Don’t Hate Us. Not All Australians are Racist Assholes.

Our Global Adventure

*photograph by adelaidenow.com.au*

Despite what the evening news, or your morning newspaper may say, not everyone living in this big, isolated country is racist. Those of us with a heart implore the rest of the world not tarnish all Australians with the same brush. I am both saddened and ashamed to see Australia appearing in international news for all the wrong reasons. The Australian Government’s current policy on Asylum Seekers and border control has recently come under criticism from the UN Human Rights Council, suggesting Australia is violating international law obligations toward people seeking Asylum in our country.  Continue reading

Slow Travel Vs Quick Trips


“Where are you going?”

People are curious about the travel that we plan to do with our children, and it’s an obvious question, yet we hesitate with the answer. Yup, you read right. We are selling our house, it’s entire contents, our cars and quitting our jobs and school for the kids, but we don’t know where we are going, not exactly anyway 🙂

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10 Tips to Start Bushwalking with your Children


Our Global Adventure

We’re Aussie’s so we say “Bushwalking” but you may call it Hiking or Trekking


Australia is a continent of many contrasts. From desert to coastal, rainforest to alpine peaks, grassy plains or gum tree wilderness there are so many opportunities to get out and explore the great outdoors. Much of Australia’s wilderness is protected in over 500 National Parks. Over 28 million hectares of land is designated as National Parkland, accounting for almost four per cent of Australia’s land areas. Above that, a further six per cent of Australia is protected and includes State Forests, Nature Parks and Conservation Reserves. So that human activity in the parks can be controlled, but still accessible, there are a thousands (it’s a big country!) of walking trails to suit all experience levels. Getting out on foot with your children is a fabulous way to explore Australia’s many landscapes and unique flora and native animals. Continue reading

The Mexican Fishing Man Story


Apparently this story is adapted from “Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral,” (“Anecdote Concerning the Lowering of Productivity”) it is one of the most famous short stories from German writer Heinrich Böll.

Simon and I have read this tale many times now, it is one of our favourites and reminds us that happiness doesn’t have to wait until retirement.  Continue reading

Travel Now Vs Travel in Retirement


After dating Simon for about three years, I told him that when I graduated University, a year later, I wanted to go to London to teach. He was most welcome to come with me, but either way, I was going. I was so head strong and determined to carve out a path that was ‘my own’ that I was willing to risk leaving him behind, even though I really loved him. THANK GOODNESS he said yes! And so did I shortly after, when he proposed that we marry before going overseas. We were young (probably too young!) and in love and ready for our first adventure. Continue reading

Why I DON’T Love the Locks on the Bridges

Padlocks on the Pont de l'Archeveche, Paris, France, (DailyMail.co.uk)

Padlocks on the Pont de l’Archeveche, Paris, France, (DailyMail.co.uk)

Call me unromantic. I just don’t like them. Years ago when we visited Paris, Simon and I saw the locks hanging on the rails of the Lover’s Bridge over the Seine – we didn’t leave one. Now that we are planning our next overseas travel adventure I am of course reading LOTS of travel blogs and guides and I’ve noticed pictures of these bridges popping up all over the world! With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day it seems every Tom, Dick, Harry and their dog was locking an ugly hunk of metal to the rails of a beautiful bridge and then polluting the river below with the keys!  Continue reading

Inspiration and Awakening

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while. The bones for it have been forming in my mind, but I kept putting it off. My intention is to explain how it is that an ordinary family from Adelaide in Australia could find themselves where we are – in the middle of selling all that we own, to quit our jobs and travel with our children. But, the reason I have been putting it off is because it seems impossible to piece together. In other posts I’ve said how we’ve felt trapped by our 9-5 lifestyle and the ‘lightbulb‘ moments that Simon and I had and the feelings of stuffocation. In hindsight, the last 15 years have been like a jigsaw puzzle, and bit by bit pieces have come together to reveal the next adventure that life is sending our way. Continue reading

The Aussie Dream – Not Ours

It is with an enormous amount of gratitude that I can say we have been truly blessed to have been born and educated in the luckiest country in the world. When we lived in London and I became pregnant with Lucy, we made a decision to return to Australia to raise our family, because we wanted our kids to have the same wonderful opportunities that we’d had. So it is with absolute honesty that I can say that we are not turning our back on Australia, or the people here that we love. Continue reading

Thinking of Chucking in the Rat-Race?

The Rat Race

Meet 6 traveling families who are out there, exploring the world with their kids, living the dream.

What they all have in common…

  • They all have children – yes it is possible to travel with kids!
  • They all had regular 9-5 jobs once
  • They all had houses full of stuff and bills to pay
  • They all had a dream, and worked hard to make it happen
  • They are all educating their kids on the road

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