Funding Your Escape

5 Ways to Sell Your Stuff and Raise More Money

Australian Money

 We decided to start on the path toward Our Global Adventure back in July last year. Since then, in 6 months, we have sold $11,546 worth of stuff. And the best part is, we haven’t even missed it. And, not only that, there is STILL a whole house full more to go, so that number will certainly grow. Yes, that $11,546 is the stuff we don’t even need to live comfortably in our large suburban home. So, even if you don’t want to sell everything you own like us, I bet you can raise some money from the stuff lurking about in your house. Here’s how…

  1. A Garage Sale. Lot’s of people warned us about what a horrible experience this could be. And I will admit, I found the whole experience a little weird. Folks arrived super early like vultures, poking about our stuff and haggling us down to ridiculous prices. But, it’s been our biggest single fundraiser so far, $2,374. We’re planning on having an even bigger Garage Sale when our house sells and we need to get even more serious about getting rid of our stuff.
  2. Facebook. We’ve been using a group page called Gawler 24/7 Garage Sales. It’s a closed facebook page where members of the group in our local area (Gawler) can advertise items for sale. Find out if there is one in your area, it has been very successful.
  3.  Gumtree. A website for free local classified ads. Unlike Craiglist there are photographs for each ad as you scroll down the list of items for sale. A good photo helps grab the buyers attention.
  4.  Ebay. This one has been less successful than Facebook and Gumtree for us, I think that’s because the other two are usually more locally focused and more personal. But for big ticket items or collectibles, I’d still use Ebay because you’re less like to be haggled down, bids go up 😉
  5. Friends and Family. It’s amazing how many people we know asked us to sell them something they’d admired in our home when they found out what we were planning. Go ahead, tell them, don’t be shy. You’ll be doing them a favour if you sell them an item that they can get some use out of for less than the price of purchasing it new.

2 thoughts on “Funding Your Escape

  1. OH wow, you guys sold and raised so much money!
    I so remember these times…..we sold off most of our stuff – Gumtree was our best friend.
    The rest of our stuff is in our Shipping Container in Queensland….I am making a trip up from New South Wales in a couple of weeks time to sell off the rest of what we really don’t need.
    Funny how much “stuff” we fill up a house with yet we don’t need any of it.
    Looking forward to following your journey 🙂

    • It’s a funny feeling selling all our stuff, but not in the way that people would expect. My feelings swing from “Woohoo we’re selling it all to raise money for our travels”, to “OMG how could we have wasted so much money on all this stuff we don’t need?”. Oddly enough the only thing that I was upset to see go, so far, was something silly. I had saved every birthday card that the kids had received since they were born, but NOT nicely pasted in a scrap book or anything, just thrown in a drawer with a heap of junk. I decided that if I hadn’t cared enough for them in 11 years to do something that honoured them, why was I keeping them? So, in the rubbish they went. That made me a bit teary at first, but now I realise, that I don’t need my memories thrown in a drawer like junk, my beautiful children remind me everyday how much they have grown!

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