So What’s The Plan?

I'm Running Away and Joining the Circus

The night that Simon and I discussed selling the business, we had a long talk about the direction we wanted to take our family. We discussed the parts of our lifestyle that we wanted to change, and the dream that we had for our future. It sounded a little like this…

Things That are Making us Unhappy:

  • The long hours that we are both working
  • The amount of time that Simon spends commuting to his job
  • Even though Simon earns a great wage, he doesn’t feel fulfilled by his job
  • The financial uncertainty of owning our own small business
  • The business was becoming less of a creative outlet, and more about management
  • The children are growing up in a very sheltered community
  • We are paying for our children to be educated in a way that we don’t always agree with
  • The stress in our lives is affecting our health
  • The amount of time that our home is costing us, (both working to pay for it, but also maintaining it)

Our Wildest Dreams for a Happier Future:

  • Returning to a simpler life, before mortgage and business responsibilities
  • Having experiences rather than possessions
  • Living to contribute, rather than working to live
  • The freedom to travel wherever and whenever we please
  • Opening our children’s eyes to many other wonderful cultures
  • Living a healthier life without stress
  • Financial freedom
Simon's Vision Board

Simon’s Vision Board

Simon has had this vision board above his desk for a few years now. It includes some of the things that make him happy, things that inspire him, places he’d like to visit, and experiences and state of mind and body he’d like to achieve. I think when you look at something often enough you start to move yourself toward that vision even if it is subconsciously. As we discussed our wildest dreams for the future, we laughed at how many of them had been right there the whole time, just daring us to go out and grab them.

Six months ago, our first plan was to move back to London in the UK. I knew that I could pick up teaching work there again, and it is the city we love most in the world. We thought it would be the best place to clear our minds and start a life of adventure for our children. I have dual Australian / British citizenship and because we lived there for over three years, some research told us that we could also apply for dual citizenship for our children (at the time of writing this is still being considered by the UK Home Office Approved!). We hoped to use our time in London to set up other independent streams of income that are not location specific, so that we do no need to live off of the money from the sale of our house. After some time in London we want to be free to travel the globe with our children.

Since then I have been reading A LOT of great blogs by families who are already living a nomadic life, travelling the globe with their children and educating them along the way. If you’d like to learn more, (and be inspired as well!) check out our list of blogs that we follow over on the right. Now our plan has changed a bit. At the moment, we are considering spending some time travelling right here in Australia, and then a stop in Europe, (perhaps Italy) to teach some English before heading to London and then the rest of the world. Well, at least that is the plan as I’m writing this post today. The best part is that the plan is always evolving, and that it is loose enough to allow for opportunities and experiences that come our way. Already, we are starting to return to that wonderful feeling of freedom from putting on the backpack and seeing where the wind blows us.


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