Game of Thrones, Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones

As an MAJOR fan of the TV series and even bigger fan of the Books, exploring the filming locations of a Game of Thrones has been on my Ireland bucket list from before we arrived in Ireland!

The scenery of Northern Ireland makes for an Ideal “Westeros”, and exploring the locations is great fun for Thrones fans, as well as the non-fans who want to take in some amazing sights. Even the kids enjoyed hearing about the stories that had taken place in these fantasy driven locations. (The censored version, of course)

There are a number of tours available that take groups to a lot of the great spots, and one of the benefits of a tour is the knowledge that the guide shares about the how and where the filming happened.

But, a self-guided experience can be just as much fun, and maybe even more so for those who are just as awestruck by Northern Ireland’s Landscape as they are by Game of Thrones.

So for those sticking with us, here is our Game of Thrones tour of Northern Ireland.

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5000 Years of History at Brú na Bóinne, Ireland.

Bru Na Boinne

One of the things that we love most about Ireland is history on a scale that we have never experienced before. Aboriginal Australians have lived in Australia about 40,000 years, but as they were nomadic tribes that moved about and made temporary structures, very little evidence remains of this part of Australian history. In Ireland however, humans have been leaving evidence of their existence on this tiny island for at least 5000 years. Recently, we had the most wonderful history lesson on a visit to Brú na Bóinne, a Neolithic collection of stone passage tombs in the Boyne Valley, in County Meath.

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Irish Hurling, the World’s Oldest Field Sport.

Oscar (back left) loves playing Hurling for our local team here in Ireland.

Oscar (back left) loves playing Hurling for our local team here in Ireland.

Our son Oscar has been playing an Irish field sport called Hurling for a local Wexford under 8’s team. Until moving to Ireland we had never seen a game or even heard of it. In the past few months, we have all learnt the rules of this unusual game, and enjoy it very much. Last week we were very excited to go and see a live game in Dublin, a quarter final match between Dublin and Galway played at Croke Park. It was a lot of fun, and a great experience to see just how fast and furious the game is played at the top level.  Continue reading the Best Travel App Since Sliced Bread

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OK now that the official stuff is out of the way, let me tell you the honest inspiration for this post. I have had the app on my iPhone since November last year. We arrived in Dublin, Ireland and found ourselves in need of cheap accommodation. A quick Google search pointed the way to, a search tool that is easy to use for searching, comparing, and booking accommodation. Six months later, and we’re still using to find the best deals on accommodation, so we thought, ‘Hey we need to share how cool this is’.

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Our Top Tips for Visiting Barcelona


_MG_6010 (Large)

Our Global Adventure recently visited Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain. From our current base in Ireland, Barcelona is just a quick 2.5 hour flight away, so it made the perfect destination for a getaway week. This was the second time that Simon and I had visited Barcelona, but it was the first time that we have taken the kids. We knew that they would love the city. It is very beautiful, with wide clean boulevards for strolling along, and plenty of cafes for a pause, plus a mixture of great architecture and green spaces. The Spanish are incredibly friendly, and love to share their culture and language with others, and the local cuisine is great! What’s not to love about this fabulous city?  Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Barcelona is a Cool City to Visit With Kids.


1. The Food is Incredibly Kid Friendly.

Churros dipped in thick hot chocolate for breakfast. What kids would say no to that?! A Churro is a long sort of donut that is best warm, with a slightly crunchy outside, but soft in the centre. Churros and chocolate is Spanish breakfast heaven and there are plenty of Cafes and Patisseries in Barcelona ready to serve up this chocolately treat to your youngsters. Try Calle Petritxol in the Gothic Quarter where you will find at least three brilliant eateries to try Churros and chocolate. Continue reading

The Best Way to See the Ring of Kerry

Ring Of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is internationally renowned as one of Ireland’s best road-trips. It is technically a circular route around County Kerry’s Iveragh Peninsula, but to truly experience the best of The Ring, expect to get lost somewhere in the middle, zig-zagging back and forth over mountain passes and though the gaps in between. Best sections of The Ring can be found west of Glenbeigh, from Waterville through to Sneem and from Sneem and Kenmare right through to Killarney (on R568 and N71). Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day in Killarney



“You haven’t lived in Ireland until you’ve celebrated your first Paddy’s Day there.” Our Global Adventure LIVES in Ireland! We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day 2015 in Killarney, County Kerry, a picturesque town on Ireland’s West Coast. The sun was shining, the breeze was fair, and the Guinness was flowing like The Shannon. The Irish sure know how to paint the town green, and for us, Killarney was the perfect family friendly location for the big day. Unlike Dublin, Killarney wasn’t too crowded, too boozy, or too expensive. We enjoyed the parade, the sights, the sounds and the craic with lots of other families. Take a peek at some of the fun…

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County Clare and The Cliffs of Moher


Diving the Wild Atlantic Way along the coast of County Clare in Ireland is one of the bucket list trips that we have been anticipating for a long time. This famous stretch of the Atlantic coastline is iconic. Rolling green hills that end dramatically at the water’s edge in a sheer, breathtaking drop are the picture postcard Ireland that many visitors come to see. Continue reading

Ireland – Paid Entry Vs Free Tourist Attractions


Where to go if you are visiting Ireland on a budget.

We have been living in and touring Ireland for almost four months, and during that time we have visited lots of the ‘must see’ tour book recommended tourist attractions around the country. Some of them have had some pretty hefty entrance fees, but on the other hand, we have also had plenty of awesome free experiences. So, if you are visiting Ireland and you would like to stretch your cash further, here’s our advice on the places worth paying for, and also what the free (or cheaper) options are. Continue reading