An Open Letter to all the Students I Ever Taught

To all the students that I ever taught,

Let me start by saying what a privilege it was to have been your teacher within your first few years of starting school. Being an Early Childhood Teacher has many perks, and for me, the best was teaching a student like you, who was always looking for new lessons to learn. Young kids are great like that, they want to know and do everything like great explorers.

I want you to know that I appreciate all of the effort that you put into sitting and listening and working quietly. Classrooms are often expected to be like that, even if the topic is boring, or the sun is shining brilliantly outside. I know how hard that must have been for you sometimes. I tried to give you as much fun time as I could, but there was so much that I was told to fill your days with. Sometimes it was hard to serve your needs first.

We learnt lots together in the year that I taught you, lists were ticked and goals were met. So much was covered, that I would be proud if you’ve retained even a portion of those lessons. But, there was lots that I didn’t teach you, so much that didn’t fit in our timeframe, or I didn’t know how to deliver then. In the years that have passed I have often thought of the lessons I wished that I had of taught you.

I wish I could have taught you that test results do not matter. YOU are more than a test result, and in years to come no one will care whether you passed or failed because life is about doing the things that you do best anyway. I hope you will always make your own path and march to your own beat. Be different. Tests are about being the same.

I was your teacher at the beginning of your school journey, but I know that every year was about preparing you for the next one. School can feel like a road that only leads in one direction, but I wish that I could have taught you that life is not a journey measured before and after school. It’s just ‘life’, and academic studies are such a small part of it.

I taught you Maths and English, Science the Arts and Humanities, but I wish there had of been a lesson on greed and consumerism. If I could deliver that lesson now, I’d tell you to collect memories, not things. Consumerism is a trap. It makes me sad to think you might feel you have to work so hard to buy lots of stuff, because I know that it won’t make you happy. A consumer’s joy is so short lived, there’s always going to be something ‘better’ to work, save, borrow and spend on. Please focus on life’s experiences instead.

When I taught you, you were so young, full of hopes and dreams. Did you follow them? If not, it’s not too late! Don’t let anyone put you off your dreams, even if they tell you ‘You can’t earn a living that way”. If you don’t love what you are doing, you are not living anyway. So go on, don’t be afraid, chase your dreams. Life was meant to be an adventure, aim high and never settle for mediocre!

I often wonder about the person you grew to become, whether or not you are happy and still looking for lessons to learn every day. Are you still wide eyed and excited, filling your mind with as much as you can? The best lessons are not found in a classroom, so be ready for them.

Most all, there is just one lesson that I wish I’d spent more time delivering. One fact that I’d want you to recall again and again… LIVE YOUR LIFE.  Really live it with laughter, joy, experiences and memories, because nothing else I taught you is as important as that.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Nitschke.


12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to all the Students I Ever Taught

  1. Thank you. You may not have taught our boys but we are trying to teach them about having laughter, adventures and dreams in life, it is nice that they can hear it from someone else as well. Anyone who says you can’t make a living by following their dreams has lived a very dull life. We as a family are trying to change our mindset on education as well it’s a shame others can’t be the same. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures, travel safe.

    • Thanks so much Doreen. It sounds like you are teaching your boys the very best lessons in life. Such things just can’t be taught from books, but they are the lessons that will make all the difference. Thank you for following along, and best wishes with your family education xx

  2. I may not have been one of your students in the classroom, but I definitely was one of your students in the bakery. Thank you for all the memories and life advice you so honestly shared. 🙂 Please never stop teaching, in whatever aspect it is that life next takes you!

    • Thank you my Darling! I loved working with you everyday, and I learnt so much from you as well xx Your words are so kind, I really appreciate you commenting. Best wishes this week, I can’t wait to hear of the arrival of your baby!

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