Gumeracha Medieval Fair, Fun in the Adelaide Hills

The children are huge fans of the BBC Horrible Histories series, it has really been a large influence in their Unschooling this year. So when the opportunity arose to visit a Medieval Fair in the beautiful Adelaide Hills village of Gumeracha, we just had to go along for some fun! This year was the eighth annual Medieval Fair to be held here in South Australia, but it was only the second time that we have attended. The children got a lot more out of the interactive displays this time because they have been so interested in this particular period of history through Horrible Histories, lots of Library books and preparations for our trip to Europe later in the year.
Gumeracha Medieval Fair

At the fair we were treated to live displays of sword fighting and jousting, interactive ‘village’ and plenty of opportunities for the kids to try on armour, costumes, and to touch and feel their way through history. The exhibitors were all extremely informative, passionate about their subject, they were quite happy to talk to the children, show them how things worked and let them interact with the displays.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

Medieval Fairs like this one obviously have a very strong following, the costumes worn by many visitors were exceptional. Many visitors wandering about were happy to pose with children for photographs and let them touch their costumes. It was lovely to see the children’s faces light up from such friendly acts. Oscar had bought along his own sword that he’d made from a cardboard tube and other bits and pieces. A very friendly young man dressed in his own hand made armour chatted to Oscar about his sword, praising his work and encouraging him to keep crafting with card and sticky-tape. I love how confident the children are getting in their interactions with adults in these sorts of situations now. When he held a very hard loaf of bread made from an original Viking recipe, Oscar announced to the crowd that he probably shouldn’t eat it because he had a wobbly tooth! Having read so much about this period in history, Lucy kept a watchful eye out for historical inaccuracies among the crowd and gave us a commentary of life in the medieval village display.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

The Gumeracha Medieval Fair is held on the 1st weekend of May every year in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit the hills, and we were blessed with a chilly, but sunny day. Even if your trip to Adelaide doesn’t coincide with the Medieval Fair, we highly recommend a day trip along the twisting and turning roads, taking in breathtaking views of farms, vineyards and quaint villages. The Adelaide Hills has inspired generations of artists, most notably the legendary landscape artist Sir Hans Heysen who called the area home.

Located only 20 minutes from the city of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills provide a wonderful holiday destination in their own right, perfect for a romantic getaway or family holiday. On offer are numerous walking and cycling trails, great attractions, (there’s also a ‘big’ rocking horse and toy factory at Gumeracha) winery cellar doors, quality pubs & restaurants, amazing fresh, local produce and a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. If you’re planning a visit to South Australia, be sure to schedule in a day or two to explore this beautiful region.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

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  2. I used to be part of a medieval recreation group as a teenager. Shamelessly silly fun in a geeky sort of way. What impressed me at the time, and still does today, is the energy and detail people put into learning how things were done and why they were done that particular way, and then set about learning these skills. There was a huge range of topics that different people focused on. Armoury, cooking, music, costume, illumination, archery, heraldry, etc, etc. I learned heaps through them.

    • We learnt so much on the weekend from so many people who were keen to share their passion for medieval history… It’s very serious stuff!! Of course the kids and Simon loved the sword play and armour the most, but it was the village life display that I found really interesting. I’m sure these people are doing the world a favour keeping old world artisan skills alive to share with future generations.

  3. It was great to read your blog. We love organising the Fair for everyone, especially the children who come. Thanks for your comments, it inspires us to do more each year. There are a huge number of Volunteers who work to put the Fair together each year. Call in to the Site Management next year for a chat.
    best wishes for your travels, Michel Gray Event Co-ordinator

    • Thank you! We had a wonderful time at the fair. The event organisers and volunteers did an amazing job, and they shared their passion and knowledge for the period with so much enthusiasm – the children learnt so much! Well done to all involved, we wish you every success for future events xx

  4. First time to Gumeracha medieval fair, not my last will be back again 2015. Loved the interaction of the crowds there were 5 of us in our group from the world of DASM
    best wishes for your travels
    The wizard of DASM

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