Gina’s Light Bulb Moment – Part 2

Gina and Best Friend Nicole on Opening Day

Gina and her Best Friend Nicole on Opening Day

I knew my husband would never ask me to sell my business, he’s far too supportive for that.

But, I also knew that my Cupcake Bakery was putting a lot of pressure on us, both financially and emotionally. I could not have picked a worse time to move my home based ‘hobby’ business out into the real world. It was 2010 and the ripple effects of the GFC had well and truly reached Australia, (What can I say? We are a little slow down here 😉 ) I was teaching 7 year old children, but not enjoying it, and my cake decorating hobby was getting out of control. I’d always dreamed of owning my own Cake shop, (who wasn’t in 2010?). So we used some of the equity in our home, and rented a commercial premises. Simon and my Dad, worked around the clock for 4 months renovating the building, I hired a bunch of staff and  opened the doors to my very own, absolutely gorgeous, Cupcake and Custom Cake Bakery. In that first year I worked 7 days a week and made so many mistakes. In my second year I worked 6 days a week and improved on some of my mistakes. In my third year my friendly ‘Small Business Manager’ at the bank said “It’s OK, you’re doing fine for a start-up business is this economic climate”.

Opening Day April 2011

Opening Day April 2011

And even though I knew my husband would never ask me to sell my business, I knew that’s exactly what I had to do. If this was “doing fine” and I was working my butt off, what was I really doing it for? For my kids? They saw me less than when I was a teacher. For my husband? He was the one continuing to pay all our bills and the mortgage whilst I got this thing off the ground. For myself? I was spending less and less time decorating cakes, and more and more time managing a small business. For my staff? Well, that’s a tricky one right there. My staff were AMAZING, and I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to them, but in my heart I knew Simon was right. It was time to run away and live in Scotland.

So, after weeks of mulling it over in my mind, one day I just blurted it out, “I think I need to sell my business, and I think we need to move out of this town, but I don’t think we should move to Scotland… How about England instead?”

OK, so I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it went, but I swear that day, amongst the tears, a seed was sewn, and a great weight began to lift off our shoulders.

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