Thinking of Chucking in the Rat-Race?

The Rat Race

Meet 6 traveling families who are out there, exploring the world with their kids, living the dream.

What they all have in common…

  • They all have children – yes it is possible to travel with kids!
  • They all had regular 9-5 jobs once
  • They all had houses full of stuff and bills to pay
  • They all had a dream, and worked hard to make it happen
  • They are all educating their kids on the road

The following links are to pages on their websites, back in the planning stages to leave the rat-race behind. Once you’re on their great websites, dig around a bit. Take a peek at what these amazing families are up to now… be inspired.

  1. Meet the Lippincott Family. Lorilee and Byron of Loving Simple Living dreamed of teaching in an exotic location. They started simplifying their lives to find the freedom that enabled them to leave behind their business and take their two young children to China. Lorilee gives her readers excellent tips on de-cluttering and loving a simple life.
  2. You will love the Klaf Family. Gabi and Kobi Klaf have been wandering the globe with their three children for a couple of years now. Their website The Nomadic Family is a roller coaster ride of their amazing globetrotting adventure. Gabi writes about the good the bad and the truly inspiring with raw honesty – it’s addictive reading!
  3. Next up is the Makepeace Family, otherwise known as YTravel Blog. Caz and Craig are currently on a year long road-trip around Australia with their two little girls, but they have been traveling the globe since 1997. Their website offers a plethora of tips to get you travelling, and keep you on the road longer. Travel is their business, and they are experts in the field.
  4. I’ve only recently discovered the Walsh Family, aka The Little Aussie Travelers. Ree and Matt are traveling with their three children around Australia in a caravan, and they’re not showing any signs of stopping yet. These guys are experts on Australian roadtrips and adventure camping around the country.
  5. Dedicated homeschoolers, and budget family travel experts,  Alyson and James at World Travel Family are backpacking their way around the world. After starting in Cairns, Australia, the Long Family with their two boys, made their way across South East Asia and then on to the UK. Alyson’s tales are informative, honest, and always interesting as this family settles in to life on the road.
  6. The Bender Family from Perth, Australia have been gallivanting all over the planet with their two young children for nearly two years! Travel With Bender is  a website overflowing with wonderful photography of amazing locations, travel tips and interesting tales. You’ll want to invite these guys into your inbox just to see what they’ll get up to next.

There is a whole bunch of like minded families currently making there way around the planet with children. Each one that I’ve mentioned here, generously shares their experiences to encourage and inspire others to take a leap of faith and live their own Global Adventure.

Are you a family who’s left the rat-race behind? We’d love to hear your story, leave a link to your website in the comments.

Or, if like us you’re still in the planning stages, and you know of some awesome family travel blogs that you’d like to share, again, leave a link 😉


9 thoughts on “Thinking of Chucking in the Rat-Race?

  1. and you said that kindness about us? wow. i’m actually blushing. thank you for being addicted to my ramblings. i’m deeply honored friends. please comment on a post so i’ll know who you are friends, and please find us on facebook and say hi so that i can share your blog with others. thanks guys, gabi

  2. Hi Guys, Great to be listed up there, I’m amongst friends, Gabi and Erin, a big name, Y travel blog and some friends I’m yet to make. Thanks for introducing me to some new travelling families! Good luck 🙂

  3. Wonderful to meet you all and ciao from Italy. We are Aussies who packed up and headed for a simple life in the mountains. So great to see your blog my husband put me onto you x
    Our kids are 9 and 11 and settling into school here. We traveled back in 2005/6 when they were only 1 and 3 so it’s certainly possible to do it with kids.
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures (subscribed right now)… this is a link to a post I did when we booked to come to Italy xx
    ciao lisa x

    • Thanks, I really enjoy your blog, hope you all get over your colds and flus this week, you poor things! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll check out that post now 🙂 My husband would say yes to renovating a house in the freezing cold mountains of Italy in about 3.5 seconds!

  4. Some don’t have children, they are young and still – they are in a “rat race”. Some people actually love it and stimulate others to join in. It’s terrible…
    Routine, office work, screaming boss, income tied to a boring and tiring job etc. etc. It’s horrible.

    • You are absolutely correct traveladdict. I think the single biggest mistake we made when we were young was, first thinking that we needed to ‘settle down’ when the kids came along and stop traveling, and second, debt. Debt meant that we had to keep doing our jobs, (mostly my husband) even when we longed for change.

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