A Year Later. What’s Happened?

Adventure is out there!

“Adventure is out there!”

It has been almost exactly 12 months since Simon and I decided it was time this family had an adventure. Suburban life and long work hours had taken their toll, we yearned to dust off the backpacks we travelled with years ago, and hit the open road. In June 2013 we started putting the wheels in motion toward carving out a new road to follow. One that would give us more time with our children, and less of the stress, debt and financial commitments. This week, after 2 months of toing and froing with the buyer, and 7 months on the market, our house finally sold! So what’s happened over the past 12 months? How did we get this far, and what does it feel like now that we are 4 weeks away from our new lives? Continue reading

Our Global Adventure: The Liebster Award for Bloggers


Last week, Diane from Wife With Baggage nominated Our Global Adventure for The Liebster Award. Diane and her husband Micheal blog about the travel experiences that they share together around their 9-5 careers, (and they’ve had a lot!). Wife With Baggage have already travelled the USA, Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe and South America. Woah! That’s pretty impressive! The goal and purpose of Wife With Baggage blog is to help you incorporate travel into your life even with a full time career and family, and we think they do a really good job of it. Diane’s recent post about a road trip through Namibia is one of my favourites, it’s informative and beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photos. As a BIG thank you to Diane for our nomination, won’t you pop over to their site Wife With Baggage and take a peep? We think you’ll love it 🙂 Continue reading

Talking Family Travel with Lonely Planet

Last night we had the extreme privilege to ‘Hangout’ on Google+ with some of the coolest folks in the travel world. Our sincerest thanks must go to Tasmin, Emma, Tom and Sebastian from Lonely Planet. Thank you all so much for the opportunity to join in the conversation re Family Travel.

To Caz and Craig from Ytravel Blog, we are in awe of you everyday. You both set the benchmark in Australia for your ‘go anywhere with kids’ attitude to travel, and we are honored to have chatted to you both on the panel. We wish you every happiness on your family roadtrip around Australia, and hope to meet you again on the road one day.

To Kirstie and Stuart from The Family Adventure Project, it was wonderful to chat with you both on the panel. You have such a wonderful attitude to family travel, and we aspire to even a smidgen of your bravery for adventure travel with children. You are amazing!

We are still grinning like Cheshire Cats, completely gushing over our experience on the panel, talking Family Travel with some of the biggest experts wandering the globe with kiddies. If you missed our live Google+ Hangout, here’s another opportunity to see it again, we hope everyone who see’s it will be as inspired as we are to follow these folks and their children on a Global Adventure.


15 Steps Closer to Family Travel

Our Global Adventure is so close we can almost touch it, we’re almost ready to hit the road and start sharing the world with our children. Getting this dream off the ground has been 12 months in the making, but 12 years simmering under the surface. So how did we get here, and what practical steps can you take toward heading off on a Global Adventure of your own with the kids? Continue reading

Getting Back into the Travel Groove

Mount Kosciuszko

We have traveled locally with our children since the were very young. Lucy did her first camping trip at just a month old, Oscar did his first cross country road trip at just two years, and they’ve both sat on airplanes and in airports as toddlers. But, so far, they’ve never traveled outside of Australia. This means by default that they have never been in a non-English speaking country, and even though they have quite exotic taste buds for kids, they’re not used to chilli infused everything on the menu. Continue reading

Lonely Planet Google+ Hangout on Air… with US!


Lonely Planet our favourite guide books and travel experts, is hosting a Google+ Hang Out on Air this Monday the 19th May, and WE have been invited to join the panel chatting about family travel!  Our Global Adventure is super excited to be chatting live with HUGE family travel bloggers Y Travel Blog and Family Adventure Project about travel with kids. This is a dream come true for Simon and I. Lonely Planet have always been the only travel books that we use and recommend. We love the unbiased view that Lonely Planet provide, there’s no assumption that the reader is a particular nationality or stereotype, and the guides are unbelievably comprehensive. On top of our fabulous hosts, we are tripping over ourselves with excitement about chatting live with Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog, who’s tips and travels have been inspiring by for a while now. We’re also bursting to get to know Kirstie and Stuart from Family Adventure Project. They’re experts on adventure travel with kids, and the travel they’ve already got under their belt is truly mind blowing! 

If you want to hear how we’re planning Our Global Adventure, and they’re DOING it, come along and join us! Oh, and don’t forget to share with your favourite family travelers 🙂



Why We Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Ask The Kids Opinion of Our Travel Plans.

Our Global Adventure

It’s been almost a year since Simon and I decided Enough! We need a change!”. We were both working long hours, him commuting an hour each way to work, me running a small business and the kids attending the local private school. Nearly a year later, we’re Unschooling the kids at home, the business has sold, we’ve sold over $10,000 worth of junk from the house, and the sale of the house is frustratingly close, (but not quite done). A year on, we feel like we’re a lot closer to seeing out our dream of Our Global Adventure with the children, but it is still difficult to include them in the planning. Continue reading

I’m Allergic to this Life. I Think I Need a New One.

No. I don’t own one of these, sadly it’s too close to reality!

Did you know I have some pretty freaky allergies and intolerances? Most of the time I just keep it to myself, I always think people will judge me as being a whinger, or a hypochondriac. But since I consider my health to be one of the motivating factors that lead Simon and I to explore our lifestyle options, I’ve decided to go public. I like to think that I am a fairly healthy person. I watch what I eat, I’m within a healthy weight range, I run a couple of times a week, and I swim a couple of times a week, and yet, frustratingly, there are elements to my health that seem to be out of my control. Irritatingly also, all of the things that my body rejects are very common to the average person, so in our house we do joke a little about Mum’s freaky (sometimes deadly) allergies.

Continue reading

Travel Now Vs Travel in Retirement


After dating Simon for about three years, I told him that when I graduated University, a year later, I wanted to go to London to teach. He was most welcome to come with me, but either way, I was going. I was so head strong and determined to carve out a path that was ‘my own’ that I was willing to risk leaving him behind, even though I really loved him. THANK GOODNESS he said yes! And so did I shortly after, when he proposed that we marry before going overseas. We were young (probably too young!) and in love and ready for our first adventure. Continue reading

What is Unschooling?


Homeschooling. Worldschooling. Unschooling. I think I have used all of these terms interchangeably here on Our Global Adventure. In my own head though, and the one that I am hoping will work out the ‘best fit’ for our family is Unschooling (To all my teaching friends who read this, I just felt you shudder 🙂  ).  If you read my last post, you will know that last year our kids were attending a very nice private school which we handpicked ourselves from the selection in our area when our oldest was just a baby. So what is Unschooling and why have we made such a HUGE change in our plans for how our children learn? Continue reading