the Best Travel App Since Sliced Bread

Disclaimer: has not endorsed this post, nor are we receiving payment for writing it, however if you choose to use our affiliate links we may receive a tiny payment for which we would be eternally grateful. This post has been written and inspired because we really do use and love and we’d like to share why.

OK now that the official stuff is out of the way, let me tell you the honest inspiration for this post. I have had the app on my iPhone since November last year. We arrived in Dublin, Ireland and found ourselves in need of cheap accommodation. A quick Google search pointed the way to, a search tool that is easy to use for searching, comparing, and booking accommodation. Six months later, and we’re still using to find the best deals on accommodation, so we thought, ‘Hey we need to share how cool this is’.

Better yet, not only is the website excellent, we love the phone app even more and here’s why…

1. It’s just so easy!


Enter the destination, or search for accommodation nearby. Then pop in the dates you’d like to stay for and the number of guests. Bam! It’s that easy!


The app then lists any available accommodation that matches your search. The list can also be sorted and filtered if you’d like to personalise the search even more by things like facilities or the availability of free WiFi.

2. It remembers your bookings.


Booking through the app is really easy and reliable. Once a hotel has been chosen the app will prompt you through step by step to complete the booking, and then store all of the necessary information within the app. Worried that you won’t have an internet connection when you arrive at the destination? No problem, the app even offers the choice to save the booking to your phones photo library or Iphone’s Passbook.

3. It makes managing bookings a breeze.

Need to change the details of the accommodation booking? Easy! There is an option on the app to manage your booking, including contacting the property to make changes, or cancelling the booking all together.

4. It even remembers our past bookings.

Gee, what was the name of that really cool place where you stayed in the Scottish Outer Hebrides? Don’t worry, if you’ve forgotten details in the hurly burly of a speedy tour of 12 counties in 7 days, your app stores that information for you. Just check the past bookings tab, and relax, it’s all there ready to share with your mates or book for a return.

5. It links to Google.maps seamlessly.

OK so we all know that sometimes the best accommodation is out of the way. You’ll never forget the peace and tranquillity that you experienced after the stress of finding the place! No need to have World War 3 in the car about directions, the app will link to Google Maps to show you the way to go.

6. It sinc’s between the website and the app.

If you make the booking on your desk top at the office or on the laptop whilst planning your perfect getaway with it is easy to sinc the booking details to your phone to take away with you. Just enter your booking reference number and pin code and Voilà! Now you have all the details in your pocket… Just don’t forget to pack your phone charger 😉

7. It provides links to guides to the cities that you’ve booked accommodation in. is continuously improving it’s list of city guides. Once you’ve made a booking to a popular destination a city guide will be available to view at pleasure on the app, that’s just a nice touch!

8. It saves your payment and contact details.

Once you make your first booking on the app and enter your payment details there is the option to save your payment and contact details. This makes future bookings really quick and easy. Once you’ve used this function in the app the first time you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without it.

So, have we convinced you to give a try yet? Seriously you won’t regret it, cheap deals and easy to use, what’s not to love? Now go on, get travelling!

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