Adelaide – Australia, Our Home Town

Adelaide South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

We call Adelaide in South Australia home. It is only the fifth-largest city in Australia with a population of 1.23 million. So, as far as cities go, it’s not huge even by Australian standards, but that is both a blessing and a curse for the people who live here.

Driving from one side of our city to the other is a dream compared to other capitals, and people often refer to Adelaide as being laid back, like a big country town. Disappointingly though, Adelaide is often treated like the poor relation by those in Melbourne and Sydney, which is always ironic to me, as South Australia was the only state settled by free settlers, not convicts.

South Australia is referred to as the ‘Festival State’ because of our world-famous ‘Festival of Arts’ each year and numerous other frequent arts and music festivals. But, I think you could also call this the ‘Foodie State’ because of the exceptionally high amount of excellent eateries, food producers and regions. Now, even South Australian’s would admit that some of our famous culinary delights are a little odd, (Frog cakes and Pie Floaters!) but if you are the travelling foodie type, make sure you include Adelaide on your Australian tour.

We’ve been fortunate to live on the edge of the beautiful, world-famous, wine-producing region, the Barossa Valley. It really is a stunning place to visit, with wonderful scenery and abundant choices for Foodie Travellers, wineries, cheese makers, Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm, and the Farmer’s Market to name a few. Also, not far from our home is the Riverland. Australia’s longest river, The Murray, snakes its way through the south-eastern corner of the country, exiting into the ocean here in South Australia.

The kid’s and I are all beach lovers, (sadly, Simon is not!) and we also think that South Australia has some spectacular coastline. Our beautiful, clean, uncrowded beaches are rather under-rated and don’t often get the attention that they deserve, but check them out if you visit, there’s something very special about having a whole beach all to yourself!

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