The Giant’s Causeway and a Snow Storm Adventure

On Monday we met an Australian friend at the airport who was coming to stay just three days with us here in Ireland. It’s a short time to explore an entire country so we came up with a few ideas for some day trips that we might take from Wexford to show off the best of the region. As we head south on the motorway that night toward Wexford, we asked our friend (who had briefly visited Ireland before) if there was anything that she’d really like to see during her short stay… “The Giant’s Causeway” was her response. Um, OK, we live in the far south, and that is about as far north as you can travel in Ireland, AND there is a snow storm forecast, but sure, why not? Let’s have an adventure!

Giant's Causeway

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Family Thredbo Snow Trip for $500

Our Global Adventure Thredbo Australia

A family snow trip to Thredbo in New South Wales Australia for $500? Yes we did!

No doubt about it, a winter holiday to the snow fields in Australia is expensive. The season is short, and the prices are high. When I first started researching a trip to the snow I was disappointed to find that most accommodation and hire packages for a family were around $500 – $600 per person for a short stay even if we had our own vehicle. Our housesit is so close to the snow, (about 3 hours drive away) so we really wanted to take the kids over, but the idea of spending over $2000 for 3 days away, just a month into Our Global Adventure seem ridiculous. But with a little bit of research, and some sacrifices, we had two full amazing days playing in the snow for around $500, and I’ll tell you how… Continue reading