Our Expert Advice on De-Cluttering Your Home


After selling, donating and tossing almost everything we own, we are calling ourselves self-professed Home De-Cluttering Experts. OK, so our efforts in de-cluttering were quite extreme, and minimalism may not be your thing, but we certainly learnt a few things along the way about de-cluttering that we think will be useful to many. We firmly believe that when you get rid of the excess ‘stuff’ you will save money, save time (cleaning and sorting) and save your sanity.  So, here are our top 5 tips for a clutter-free home. Continue reading

The ‘Stuff’ Update.

Travelling light?

Travelling light?

Right now I’m sitting by the fire in the home that we are housesitting for the next three months. It’s quiet. The children are sleeping soundly, Simon is reading on his tablet and the scent of some Jonquil flowers that I picked from the garden this afternoon is drifting over from the kitchen bench. I am completely at peace and utterly happy. Now that we are 100% debt free, and free from the ‘stuff’ that kept us chained to the daily grind. I have had so many moments when I’ve wanted to pinch myself. Could this be real? Can a family really exist without a toaster or a set of steak knives? The answer is, ‘Yes we can’. In fact we are not just surviving, we’re thriving! Continue reading

Funding Your Escape

5 Ways to Sell Your Stuff and Raise More Money

Australian Money

 We decided to start on the path toward Our Global Adventure back in July last year. Since then, in 6 months, we have sold $11,546 worth of stuff. And the best part is, we haven’t even missed it. Continue reading

Thinking of Chucking in the Rat-Race?

The Rat Race

Meet 6 traveling families who are out there, exploring the world with their kids, living the dream.

What they all have in common…

  • They all have children – yes it is possible to travel with kids!
  • They all had regular 9-5 jobs once
  • They all had houses full of stuff and bills to pay
  • They all had a dream, and worked hard to make it happen
  • They are all educating their kids on the road

    Continue reading

We’re Stuffed!

Yup, this family is absolutely stuffed! We’ve got more stuff than you can poke a stick at. We’ve still got so much stuff that I am worried about how on earth we’ll sort, sell, donate or dump what’s left when our house is finally sold. Our goal is to only own what can be carried with us in the luggage allowance for four people on an international airline, with just a few treasured possessions, (family heirlooms,  photos etc) that are to be left with family. So why such a dramatic goal? Continue reading

Simon’s Story

Whilst Gina has experienced a series of “light bulb” moments, I can say that my journey has been more like an emerging dawn. For a long time I’ve had this feeling , this nudging from inside that says “there is more”. For the best part , I thought that meant riches. The car, the job, the house and the things. As we set about building our suburban life, I dedicated myself to being the provider of those things, just as my father did, along with just about every other father I know. We built a home, purchased cars, wired in 5.1 surround sound.
But that nudging inside. It didn’t subside. Continue reading

Turning Dreams into Action

The decision to make some major changes in our lives happened quite quickly, but the feelings that lead to that decision had been bubbling around for quite a while, let me explain…

As mentioned in previous posts, I did own a Custom Cupcake and Cake Bakery. It was a lovely little business, and I’m really proud of what we achieved. But, I also discovered that all of the stress that comes with owning a small business is not for me. Luckily for us, the business sold very quickly, within just 3 months.

Selling the business was the important first step in turning our dreams into action. Continue reading

Gina’s Light Bulb Moment – Part 2

Gina and Best Friend Nicole on Opening Day

Gina and her Best Friend Nicole on Opening Day

I knew my husband would never ask me to sell my business, he’s far too supportive for that.

But, I also knew that my Cupcake Bakery was putting a lot of pressure on us, both financially and emotionally. I could not have picked a worse time to move my home based ‘hobby’ business out into the real world. Continue reading