The Best Way to See the Ring of Kerry

Ring Of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is internationally renowned as one of Ireland’s best road-trips. It is technically a circular route around County Kerry’s Iveragh Peninsula, but to truly experience the best of The Ring, expect to get lost somewhere in the middle, zig-zagging back and forth over mountain passes and though the gaps in between. Best sections of The Ring can be found west of Glenbeigh, from Waterville through to Sneem and from Sneem and Kenmare right through to Killarney (on R568 and N71). Continue reading

The Giant’s Causeway and a Snow Storm Adventure

On Monday we met an Australian friend at the airport who was coming to stay just three days with us here in Ireland. It’s a short time to explore an entire country so we came up with a few ideas for some day trips that we might take from Wexford to show off the best of the region. As we head south on the motorway that night toward Wexford, we asked our friend (who had briefly visited Ireland before) if there was anything that she’d really like to see during her short stay… “The Giant’s Causeway” was her response. Um, OK, we live in the far south, and that is about as far north as you can travel in Ireland, AND there is a snow storm forecast, but sure, why not? Let’s have an adventure!

Giant's Causeway

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The Grand Pacific Drive – NSW – Australia


In the last week of October, as the whales were migrating south down Australia’s East Coast, Our Global Adventure was road tripping North. We had been highly anticipating this last Australian trip before flying to Europe since we left Adelaide. In our many road trips north over the years we had always seemed to miss the coastal stretch from Melbourne to Sydney, and it was time to fill in the gap. In particular, one stretch of road, The Grand Pacific Drive, with its famous Sea Cliff Bridge, was not to be missed as we made our way to Sydney from the Sapphire Coast. Continue reading

Going Underground… At Buchan!

Stalactites and stalagmites inside the Buchan caves.

Stalactites and stalagmites inside the Buchan caves.

Can’t face getting another year older? Go underground… Literally!

Last week it was my birthday, I like to say that I turned 29, but I’ve been turning 29 for a few years now. Truthfully, I don’t like birthdays very much, and with each passing year I realise more and more why my Grandmother lied about her age. By the time she passed away, Grandma was at least 20 years younger! Knowing how much I enjoy birthdays, and that I definitely would not want a present (no room in the backpack for more stuff!) Simon suggested we organise a trip to do something special to mark the day instead, and I think it may just have been my best birthday yet! Continue reading

The Unbelievable Australian Road Trip No-one has Ever Heard of.

The along McKillop Road

The view along McKillop Road

Last week Our Global Adventure took another road trip, one which we think maybe the best we’ve ever done. In fact we’re so confident that this road trip will blow your mind, we are going to say it is one of the best in Australia, maybe even the world! We were road tripping in Victoria, but guess what? We are NOT talking about The Great Ocean Road. Yup this one is better! This unbelievable road trip, that no-one has ever heard of, is in the Snowy River Country in East Gippsland, and it is time to put it on your bucket list. Continue reading

10 Tips for Stress Free Road Tripping With Kids



Australia is a BIG country, best explored by road, but that does mean that visitors will be in for some BIG road trips! We’ve been road tripping with our kids since they were both toddlers, that’s over 10 years of experience hitting the open road, and keeping our sanity intact along the way. For readers considering a BIG road trip with kids, we’ve come up with 10 tips for a stress free experience. Continue reading