A Parents Guide to some of the Coolest Playgrounds on the Planet

Our kids love a good playground, throw in the adjective ‘adventure’ to describe a playground, and they’re onto it. We have an ‘Adventure Playground’ not far from our Adelaide home. In the school holidays it’s crawling with small folk, pepped up on adrenaline, but when those kids are at school, our ‘unschooled‘ kids just about have it all to themselves… Heaven for the kids, and mum! Adventure playgrounds are the really cool ones with huge slides, climbing frames that dubiously pass ‘safety inspections’, wooden forts with a fireman’s pole and flying foxes. Sadly due to modern ‘safety inspections’ and general mollycoddling of kids, these days, adventure playgrounds are a rare and sacred space for children. A recent visit to our local St. Kilda Adventure Playground, north of Adelaide, had us wondering, “Where are the coolest Playgrounds on the planet?”  Continue reading