Our Irish Home – Wexford


Commercial Quay Wexford by night 3

Commercial Quay, Wexford by night.

Wexford Town (Loch Garman in Irish) is a pretty coastal town in the South East of Ireland, about a 2 hour drive from Dublin. It is also the town that we’re currently calling ‘home’ as we slow travel on Our Global Adventure. Wexford is said to be a bustling holiday destination in the summer, but on these short, grey January days, we are thoroughly enjoying exploring the town without the tourist crowds.

We only arrived a month ago, but the Vikings found harbour in the Slaney River as early as 850. They went about creating a settlement until the Normans captured Wexford in 1169 and erected impressive structures like a fort, and city walls. Sadly, Cromwell’s forces also took an interest in this port town on the Slaney, and in 1649 they sacked many prominent buildings and murdered two thirds of the towns inhabitants for good measure. It’s a story we hear often at historical sights around Ireland, and 400 years later, it’s a wonder there’s any historical buildings left in Ireland given Cromwell’s partiality for a bit of destruction! So sit back and relax, as we take you on a tour of our Irish home – Wexford… Continue reading

Our Expert Advice on De-Cluttering Your Home


After selling, donating and tossing almost everything we own, we are calling ourselves self-professed Home De-Cluttering Experts. OK, so our efforts in de-cluttering were quite extreme, and minimalism may not be your thing, but we certainly learnt a few things along the way about de-cluttering that we think will be useful to many. We firmly believe that when you get rid of the excess ‘stuff’ you will save money, save time (cleaning and sorting) and save your sanity.  So, here are our top 5 tips for a clutter-free home. Continue reading

Slow Travel Vs Quick Trips


“Where are you going?”

People are curious about the travel that we plan to do with our children, and it’s an obvious question, yet we hesitate with the answer. Yup, you read right. We are selling our house, it’s entire contents, our cars and quitting our jobs and school for the kids, but we don’t know where we are going, not exactly anyway 🙂

Continue reading

More Time With Your Children

Our Global Adventure


If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money – Abigail Van Buren Continue reading

Reality of the Aussie Dream

Our Global Adventure

I recently watched a YouTube clip of an interview with Australian, Tim Costello by ABC Radio. The clip was from 2012 and Rev. Costello was being interviewed about his book about ‘Hope’ that had recently been released. Tim Costello is absolutely one of my Australian heroes. I’ve never seen an interview with,  or read an article written by this man that didn’t cause me to pause and reflect on his words long after the interview was finished. I love that about a speaker. Rev. Tim Costello is a well known speaker on social justice issues, leadership and ethics, he is also the CEO of World Vision Australia. Continue reading

The Great Aussie Bucket List

Uluru, Australia

Uluru, Australia

I recently read a News Ltd. article What’s on Australia’s holiday bucket list – and how we’re really spending our time. Apparently Australians want to do things like get fit, road trip along the Great Ocean Road, experience the Northern Territory and see Uluru, swim with dolphins and learn languages Continue reading

Gina’s Light Bulb Moment – Part 1

How did we get here?

Baby Lucy, conceived in London, born in Adelaide 2002.

Baby Lucy, conceived in London, born in Adelaide 2002.

I don’t mean our physical location, that part is easy… We’d been living and travelling overseas, a baby was on the way, and it was time to go ‘home’ and grow up. Fear was setting in, “We can’t have a baby on the other side of the world!” “I can’t have a baby in THIS hospital, this is not what Australian’s are used too!” 8 weeks later and 7 months pregnant, we boarded the plane heading home to Adelaide in Australia. We found jobs, built a house, bought another house, had another baby, started a business, and BOOM! 11 years later… How did we get here? Continue reading