Chinon, Myths and Legends in France’s West

Chinon, France. Our Global Adventure

The Royal Fortress of Chinon

Recently we had a day out exploring some of the towns nearby to Chatellerault where we are currently based in France. We were excited to discover beautiful towns and villages all within easy reach. Highlight of the day was the medieval town of Chinon which is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, strategically built by the banks of the Vienne River. It is a town steeped in history and rich with culture. The imposing castle that sits high above the town was the preferred residence of Henry II, one of the English Plantagenet kings, and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry II died in 1189 and their son, Richard the Lionheart was born here. Continue reading

5000 Years of History at Brú na Bóinne, Ireland.

Bru Na Boinne

One of the things that we love most about Ireland is history on a scale that we have never experienced before. Aboriginal Australians have lived in Australia about 40,000 years, but as they were nomadic tribes that moved about and made temporary structures, very little evidence remains of this part of Australian history. In Ireland however, humans have been leaving evidence of their existence on this tiny island for at least 5000 years. Recently, we had the most wonderful history lesson on a visit to Brú na Bóinne, a Neolithic collection of stone passage tombs in the Boyne Valley, in County Meath.

Continue reading

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A Trip Back in Time – Old Tailem Town

Our Global Adventure Old Tailem Town

Old Tailem Town

On a recent visit to Old Tailem Town, located on the South Eastern Freeway 5km north of Tailem Bend and approximately 90kms from Adelaide, we had the opportunity to take the children on a trip back in time. It’s one thing to look at history in pictures and books, but at Old Tailem Town history comes alive when you can walk about and touch it! There are over a hundred buildings, all furnished within their periods, placed along the ‘streets’ of the created historical town. Some of them we were able to go inside, and all housed authentic collections of memorabilia suited to the period and type of shop, home or business that they were portraying. The buildings have been moved to the site from all over South Australia. Many of them were transported in one piece from their original locations, while others were taken apart and rebuilt in Old Tailem Town. Continue reading