Bonjour from France!

Housesitting in France

Château de la Barbelinière

It’s funny how things don’t always turn out how you thought they would. Twelve months ago we never would have considered that Our Global Adventure would find us living in the French countryside, but here we are. Originally we thought that we would start our adventure in the United Kingdom, but then Visa issues for Simon had us in Ireland instead. Whilst in Ireland we thought that the next leg of our journey would be to England for sure, (having cleared up visa issues) but then this opportunity to live in France popped up, and well Voilà! Here we are. Bonjour! Continue reading

Our Travel History – Europe

When Simon and I lived in London from 1998 – 2002, (before the children) we had the extremely good fortune to be able to do lots of European Travel. We marveled at how easy and affordable European travel was from London compared to Australia, and we joined the backpack brigade as soon as possible. I’ve been digging through old photo’s of our travels, and want to share a snippet of the places and experiences that we had. These are the days when our wanderlust began… Continue reading