Things to do in Adelaide with Kids

Adelaide is a great city to explore with Kids. There are so many fun, accessible things to do within an hour of the city, and most of them are FREE!


The South Australian Museum

The Museum is located on North Terrace in the city, and entry is free. It is one of our kid’s favourite places to visit, they love the discovery centre and the giant squid among other exhibits. There is always something interactive for the children to be involved in, and the museum regularly hosts events to attract families. Continue reading

What is Unschooling?


Homeschooling. Worldschooling. Unschooling. I think I have used all of these terms interchangeably here on Our Global Adventure. In my own head though, and the one that I am hoping will work out the ‘best fit’ for our family is Unschooling (To all my teaching friends who read this, I just felt you shudder 🙂  ).  If you read my last post, you will know that last year our kids were attending a very nice private school which we handpicked ourselves from the selection in our area when our oldest was just a baby. So what is Unschooling and why have we made such a HUGE change in our plans for how our children learn? Continue reading

Have Kids – Must Educate


As many of you will know already, I was a school teacher. I am still a teacher, my Degree says I’ll always be one, but these days I prefer to think of my self as a “World Education Facilitator’, but that’s a bit of a mouthful though right? Until Simon and I decided to live differently and travel with our children, I’m not sure if I would have dived into being my own children’s teacher, but we were certainly looking for a change. Continue reading

More Time With Your Children

Our Global Adventure


If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money – Abigail Van Buren Continue reading

Our Young Adventurers


This Global Adventure that we are planning is all about two very important people. It would be our greatest success if they grow to be curious, open-minded explorers who never lose their lust for life. Continue reading

Sydney, Australia – With Kids

Sydney Australia

Sydney is one of our favourite cities in Australia to visit. It is a beautiful city to wander around in, and there are lots of family friendly things to do. The drive from Adelaide takes about 15 hours, or the flight is about 2 hours, we’ve done both, although there is a lot more traffic than we are used to! What we love most about Sydney, is that the iconic views of the Harbour area, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, still have that wow factor no matter how many times we visit. Continue reading

Traveling with Kids – Motion Sickness

Did you know that one third of all people suffer from at least one form of motion sickness? Unfortunately, our youngest, Oscar, is one of the many. Motion sickness rears it’s ugly head during a variety of travel experiences, cars, trains, planes and especially boats. Astonishingly though, sometimes you don’t even need to be moving. As film and gaming experiences get even more ‘real’, many people are now feeling that familiar wave of nausea in movie theaters and even on their own couch! Continue reading

The Road Traveled So Far and Looking Forward in 2014

Welcome! If you are a new reader. Thanks for stopping by if you’re an oldie 🙂

We’re the Nitschke Family. You can learn more about us here. If you’ve been following along, you will already know that we currently live in Adelaide, in South Australia, but we hope to soon become citizens of Planet Earth. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? No, we’re not Superheroes, just an ordinary family who have had enough of the rat race. We are tired of being consumers, and we believe that there is a whole world of amazing lessons for our children outside of the classroom. We want to be their teachers now, and our lessons will include… Continue reading

Our Travel History – Australia

Australia is a BIG country. Even though we have lived here most of our lives, Simon and I have only seen a teeny tiny bit of what’s on offer. As mentioned in a previous post, we live in Adelaide, this is in South Australia, right at the bottom, in the middle of our huge continent. Over the years we’ve had lots of family vacations to beautiful places here in South Australia – the Innes National Park at the bottom of the York Peninsular is one of our favourites. Continue reading

Telling our Family and Friends


Compared to selling everything we own to join the nomadic tribe, telling our family and friends about our decision to do this, has been THE HARDEST PART.

As we told them one by one, the negative responses began rolling in. We mulled over the feedback from those who we love most, and we realised that their concerns fell into three categories. Continue reading