The Black Country Living Museum

The Black Country Living Museum – Getting to the Heart of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. Black Country Living Museum

When we learned that we would be spending our first three months in the UK in the West Midlands, I must admit that we didn’t really have any expectations because we didn’t know a lot about the area. Sometimes though, that’s the best way to travel. We can honestly say though that this is an area that we have really grown an attachment to. This can definitely be attributed to the many kind, friendly locals that we encountered, the beautiful country scenery, pretty towns, and most of all a firm sense of identity based on a period in time that changed the world forever. In the Midlands, getting to the heart of Britain’s Industrial Revolution is easy, and nowhere more so, than at the Black Country Living Museum.

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Our Irish Blessing

Loop Head

Ireland’s rugged West Coast

Nine Months in Ireland

It’s time to say goodbye to Ireland. Slán go hÉirinn. After nine months living in the Emerald Isle we have truly been blessed with the most amazing collection of memories to take away with us. Ireland or Éire in Irish, is beautiful. Stunningly so, in a way that takes your breath away. Scenes that look as though they fell from the pages of a fairy tale are common place. Rolling green hills, rocky cliffs, castles and country lanes – yes, all the clichés are true. Continue reading

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We’re All In This Together

We're all in this together

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King John’s Castle, Limerick, Ireland



Last week we took the children to their very first ‘real’ castle. After reading in our Lonely Planet guide that the castle has an excellent new (opened Nov 2013) education centre with interactive displays for the kids to touch and view, we chose to visit King John’s Castle in Limerick. Limerick is on the Western side of Ireland, on the River Shannon. The drive to Limerick takes two hours on the M7 motorway from Dublin, or there is an airport nearby as well. Limerick is a large city that tourist will stop at as they travel along Ireland’s West coast on the Wild Atlantic Way, but for us this time, it was just a day trip from Wexford. Continue reading

Our Interview with Family Adventure Podcast


Family Adventure Podcast has been started by Erik and Rachel Hemingway to “Inspire families to dream, travel and accomplish epic adventures”. The Hemingway Family know all about family adventures, they lived on a boat, sailing the Mediterranean with 6 children for 3 years! Their youngest child was born at the end of their first year sailing, and rather than head home to the Arizona with their new born, they kept going – how cool is that?! Erik and Rachel have even shared their story in a podcast if you’d like to learn more. Continue reading

Brogo Dam – NSW Australia

Kayaking, canoeing and boating, in some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable in South Eastern Australia, topped off with great fishing in a dam stocked with hundreds of thousands of Australian Bass!

Kayaking on Brogo Dam

Kayaking on Brogo Dam

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Going Underground… At Buchan!

Stalactites and stalagmites inside the Buchan caves.

Stalactites and stalagmites inside the Buchan caves.

Can’t face getting another year older? Go underground… Literally!

Last week it was my birthday, I like to say that I turned 29, but I’ve been turning 29 for a few years now. Truthfully, I don’t like birthdays very much, and with each passing year I realise more and more why my Grandmother lied about her age. By the time she passed away, Grandma was at least 20 years younger! Knowing how much I enjoy birthdays, and that I definitely would not want a present (no room in the backpack for more stuff!) Simon suggested we organise a trip to do something special to mark the day instead, and I think it may just have been my best birthday yet! Continue reading

An Open Letter to all the Students I Ever Taught

To all the students that I ever taught,

Let me start by saying what a privilege it was to have been your teacher within your first few years of starting school. Being an Early Childhood Teacher has many perks, and for me, the best was teaching a student like you, who was always looking for new lessons to learn. Young kids are great like that, they want to know and do everything like great explorers. Continue reading

Tanja Lagoon Camp

Sunset over the Tanja Lagoon

Sunset over the Tanja Lagoon

On the weekend we had the absolute privilege of staying in one of the Luxury Safari tents at Tanja Lagoon Camp for a couple of nights. More ‘glamping’ than camping these tents have all the comforts of home including a private ensuite bathroom and kitchen, without losing the feeling that you’re getting closer to nature. In fact, being perfectly positioned on the edge of a beautiful saltwater lagoon it’s hard not to feel completely surrounded by nature. Hundreds of birds above in the tall gums sing in chorus with the frogs and the distant roar of the ocean, whilst kangaroos graze lazily nearby. Continue reading

A Year Later. What’s Happened?

Adventure is out there!

“Adventure is out there!”

It has been almost exactly 12 months since Simon and I decided it was time this family had an adventure. Suburban life and long work hours had taken their toll, we yearned to dust off the backpacks we travelled with years ago, and hit the open road. In June 2013 we started putting the wheels in motion toward carving out a new road to follow. One that would give us more time with our children, and less of the stress, debt and financial commitments. This week, after 2 months of toing and froing with the buyer, and 7 months on the market, our house finally sold! So what’s happened over the past 12 months? How did we get this far, and what does it feel like now that we are 4 weeks away from our new lives? Continue reading