Bucket List Destinations

Two months from now we will be in Dublin, Ireland. We began Our Global Adventure on the path to Europe 18 months ago, and now that the tickets are booked, our excitement is building toward the day when that dream becomes a reality. We absolutely LOVE it here in the Bega Valley in southern New South Wales, and we don’t want our remaining time here to rush, but at the same time it’s hard not to look forward to Ireland and the travel we would like to do beyond that. We use Pinterest for our armchair travel because it’s a great online tool for digital dreaming. You can collect pictures of any topic at all, and sort them into folders (called pin boards) for future reference. For a little while now, we have been collecting inspiration for our travel to Ireland, but we also have a couple of Bucket List Folders as well, for our travel dreams beyond there. This post was meant to be about our bucket list destinations, but when I peeked into our Pinterest Boards I realised that our list was HUGE! So, in order to keep this post from getting too long, we have each come up with our top two destinations and our reasons for traveling there… Continue reading

Slow Travel Vs Quick Trips


“Where are you going?”

People are curious about the travel that we plan to do with our children, and it’s an obvious question, yet we hesitate with the answer. Yup, you read right. We are selling our house, it’s entire contents, our cars and quitting our jobs and school for the kids, but we don’t know where we are going, not exactly anyway 🙂

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The Great Ocean Road – Australia

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road along the southern coast of Victoria in Australia is one of the greatest road-trips, and it is high on many Aussie’s bucket lists. We’ve been lucky enough to do this one a couple of times, once in each direction. This stretch is considered by many to be one of the most magnificent coastlines in the world. The route is considered to start at Geelong, south west of Melbourne and journey toward Port Fairy. If you want to drive on the coast side of the road, it is best to head this direction, (remember Aussie’s drive on the left). Continue reading

Our Travel History – Australia

Australia is a BIG country. Even though we have lived here most of our lives, Simon and I have only seen a teeny tiny bit of what’s on offer. As mentioned in a previous post, we live in Adelaide, this is in South Australia, right at the bottom, in the middle of our huge continent. Over the years we’ve had lots of family vacations to beautiful places here in South Australia – the Innes National Park at the bottom of the York Peninsular is one of our favourites. Continue reading

The Great Aussie Bucket List

Uluru, Australia

Uluru, Australia

I recently read a News Ltd. article What’s on Australia’s holiday bucket list – and how we’re really spending our time. Apparently Australians want to do things like get fit, road trip along the Great Ocean Road, experience the Northern Territory and see Uluru, swim with dolphins and learn languages Continue reading