The Unbelievable Australian Road Trip No-one has Ever Heard of.

The along McKillop Road

The view along McKillop Road

Last week Our Global Adventure took another road trip, one which we think maybe the best we’ve ever done. In fact we’re so confident that this road trip will blow your mind, we are going to say it is one of the best in Australia, maybe even the world! We were road tripping in Victoria, but guess what? We are NOT talking about The Great Ocean Road. Yup this one is better! This unbelievable road trip, that no-one has ever heard of, is in the Snowy River Country in East Gippsland, and it is time to put it on your bucket list. Continue reading

That Moment I Realised, ‘We’re Free!’

PicMonkey Collage3

Today started out like any other day, well any other day for us I should say. But, I suppose our days aren’t really what most would consider normal. There’s no morning rush to get ready for school and work, because there is no school or work anymore. There’s no more watching the clock, or even the calendar, and there aren’t really any rules any more either. But for us, the day started out quite normal, breakfast, feeding chickens, playing, and reading, and social networking to keep Our Global Adventure ticking along.

Simon wanted to go to the local post office to see if some camera filters he’d ordered had arrived, and I wanted to pick up a few staples at the local store. We had vaguely discussed going for a quick trip at some stage to do these very ordinary errands, but Spring had other ideas in store for us today. A tiny joey, taking its first solo trip out of Mamma Wallaby’s pouch caught our attention not far from the house. We all crept out into the bright morning sunshine to witness Spring’s wonder, and our day took the most delightful turn. Continue reading

10 Tips for Stress Free Road Tripping With Kids



Australia is a BIG country, best explored by road, but that does mean that visitors will be in for some BIG road trips! We’ve been road tripping with our kids since they were both toddlers, that’s over 10 years of experience hitting the open road, and keeping our sanity intact along the way. For readers considering a BIG road trip with kids, we’ve come up with 10 tips for a stress free experience. Continue reading

Walking Away From the Past

One of the sections toward the property boundary.

One of the sections toward the property boundary.

Since starting on Our Global Adventure we have been doing a lot of walking. Literally, walking. We are using our legs every day for physical exercise for sure, but it feels like so much more than that. Our walking is therapy. In the metaphorical sense, our family is walking away from our past toward a bright new future full of possibilities. Continue reading

OK New South Wales, the Joke’s on Us…

In the spirit of being completely honest here on the blog, it’s time to tell the truth about our housesit here in the Bega Valley, southern New South Wales, Australia. We told you it was heaven. We’ve been posting pictures regularly on Facebook and Instagram of beautiful scenery and stunning coastlines, amazing wildlife, and lazy days in the winter sunshine… but we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you about the horrible dark secret the locals keep, if we didn’t tell you the whole truth about living in the Bega Valley… Continue reading

Ordinary Australians Inspiring Us on Our Global Adventure

Ordinary Australians

Ordinary Australians

Names have been changed to protect identities, but we hope that if any of these kind, generous, warm people should read this one day, that they will smile and know that we are grateful to them. With thanks xx

It’s been a month since we hit the road on Our Global Adventure. We’re travelling slow, and trying to integrate into the communities that we live in as we make our way around the planet. We decided to begin Our Global Adventure not too far from home, two days drive away, in southern New South Wales. Our family has been housesitting in the beautiful Bega Valley, which we have been exploring, along with the Sapphire Coast. This has turned out the be a stunning corner of the country; rolling hills, forests and bushland, and a jaw-dropping gorgeous coastline, but even more than the scenery, it’s been the ordinary Australians that we’ve met who are inspiring us the most. Continue reading

Family Thredbo Snow Trip for $500

Our Global Adventure Thredbo Australia

A family snow trip to Thredbo in New South Wales Australia for $500? Yes we did!

No doubt about it, a winter holiday to the snow fields in Australia is expensive. The season is short, and the prices are high. When I first started researching a trip to the snow I was disappointed to find that most accommodation and hire packages for a family were around $500 – $600 per person for a short stay even if we had our own vehicle. Our housesit is so close to the snow, (about 3 hours drive away) so we really wanted to take the kids over, but the idea of spending over $2000 for 3 days away, just a month into Our Global Adventure seem ridiculous. But with a little bit of research, and some sacrifices, we had two full amazing days playing in the snow for around $500, and I’ll tell you how… Continue reading