Mount Lofty – South Australia


Mount Lofty South Australia

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if the kids and I would like to go on a picnic to the Mount Lofty Botanical Garden. Since we’d never actually been before, but we knew that the whole area was very pretty in Autumn, it sounded like another fabulous South Australian destination to see before we head overseas. We made a date and decided to meet up at the entrance to the Garden, one cool Autumn Friday a couple of weeks ago. The great thing about homeschooling my kids, is that we get to enjoy visiting places when there are fewer people around and it is lovely and quiet! Between us we had four children aged 2 to 12 and an enormous picnic, but beyond that, no expectations or plans for the afternoon.

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Gumeracha Medieval Fair, Fun in the Adelaide Hills

The children are huge fans of the BBC Horrible Histories series, it has really been a large influence in their Unschooling this year. So when the opportunity arose to visit a Medieval Fair in the beautiful Adelaide Hills village of Gumeracha, we just had to go along for some fun! This year was the eighth annual Medieval Fair to be held here in South Australia, but it was only the second time that we have attended. The children got a lot more out of the interactive displays this time because they have been so interested in this particular period of history through Horrible Histories, lots of Library books and preparations for our trip to Europe later in the year.
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Adelaide International Kite Festival

AdelaideProgrammed activities this year will include the always popular lolly drops, increased to hourly for all the families to enjoy as well as Rokkaku Kite Battles to take place each afternoon. The Festival also has the pleasure of inviting a group of Afghan Kite Flyers based here in Adelaide to demonstrate and speak about the cultural importance of kite flying in the Afghani culture on Saturday 19th at 2pm. Hands-on activities for the public include kite-making workshops held on the foreshore in the carnival area, bring along your own kite to fly, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy a feast for the eyes with the colourful and always entertaining Adelaide International Kite Festival.

This Easter long weekend the 17th annual Adelaide International Kite Festival is being held at Semaphore, one of the beautiful Adelaide metropolitan beaches. The Festival is a free community event and this year it features kite flyers from around Australia and  South Australia as well as New Zealand. The flyers will bring with them many colourful kites ranging from hand-made, to stunt and power kites, large and small. Continue reading

A Trip Back in Time – Old Tailem Town

Our Global Adventure Old Tailem Town

Old Tailem Town

On a recent visit to Old Tailem Town, located on the South Eastern Freeway 5km north of Tailem Bend and approximately 90kms from Adelaide, we had the opportunity to take the children on a trip back in time. It’s one thing to look at history in pictures and books, but at Old Tailem Town history comes alive when you can walk about and touch it! There are over a hundred buildings, all furnished within their periods, placed along the ‘streets’ of the created historical town. Some of them we were able to go inside, and all housed authentic collections of memorabilia suited to the period and type of shop, home or business that they were portraying. The buildings have been moved to the site from all over South Australia. Many of them were transported in one piece from their original locations, while others were taken apart and rebuilt in Old Tailem Town. Continue reading

A Parents Guide to some of the Coolest Playgrounds on the Planet

Our kids love a good playground, throw in the adjective ‘adventure’ to describe a playground, and they’re onto it. We have an ‘Adventure Playground’ not far from our Adelaide home. In the school holidays it’s crawling with small folk, pepped up on adrenaline, but when those kids are at school, our ‘unschooled‘ kids just about have it all to themselves… Heaven for the kids, and mum! Adventure playgrounds are the really cool ones with huge slides, climbing frames that dubiously pass ‘safety inspections’, wooden forts with a fireman’s pole and flying foxes. Sadly due to modern ‘safety inspections’ and general mollycoddling of kids, these days, adventure playgrounds are a rare and sacred space for children. A recent visit to our local St. Kilda Adventure Playground, north of Adelaide, had us wondering, “Where are the coolest Playgrounds on the planet?”  Continue reading

Things to do in Adelaide with Kids

Adelaide is a great city to explore with Kids. There are so many fun, accessible things to do within an hour of the city, and most of them are FREE!


The South Australian Museum

The Museum is located on North Terrace in the city, and entry is free. It is one of our kid’s favourite places to visit, they love the discovery centre and the giant squid among other exhibits. There is always something interactive for the children to be involved in, and the museum regularly hosts events to attract families. Continue reading

Monarto Open Range Zoo

Since announcing our plans to sell/donate everything we own and start Our Global Adventure, friends and family have been wonderfully thoughtful to give us experiences for our birthday and Christmas presents. One of these gifts was from my sister for my birthday. She and my brother-in-law gave me a family pass to Monarto Zoo for my birthday, and we have just used it on the weekend. Continue reading

Christmas in Australia

I’d like to start by saying that I think there is NO typical Christmas in Australia. Sure it’s hot, and many Australian families have that in common at this time of year, but even the weather isn’t certain, depending on where you live. Continue reading

Adelaide – Australia, Our Home Town

Adelaide South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia

We call Adelaide in South Australia home. It is only the fifth-largest city in Australia with a population of 1.23 million. So, as far as cities go, it’s not huge even by Australian standards, but that is both a blessing and a curse for the people who live here.

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Turning Dreams into Action

The decision to make some major changes in our lives happened quite quickly, but the feelings that lead to that decision had been bubbling around for quite a while, let me explain…

As mentioned in previous posts, I did own a Custom Cupcake and Cake Bakery. It was a lovely little business, and I’m really proud of what we achieved. But, I also discovered that all of the stress that comes with owning a small business is not for me. Luckily for us, the business sold very quickly, within just 3 months.

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