Our Irish Blessing

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Ireland’s rugged West Coast

Nine Months in Ireland

It’s time to say goodbye to Ireland. Slán go hÉirinn. After nine months living in the Emerald Isle we have truly been blessed with the most amazing collection of memories to take away with us. Ireland or Éire in Irish, is beautiful. Stunningly so, in a way that takes your breath away. Scenes that look as though they fell from the pages of a fairy tale are common place. Rolling green hills, rocky cliffs, castles and country lanes – yes, all the clichés are true.

Commercial Quay Wexford by night 3

Wexford, Commercial Quay by night


Highlighted routes that we have explored in Ireland.

In nine months it has been our Irish blessing to have seen more of this tiny country than even most of the locals. We rented a house in Wexford in the south east, a couple of hours from the capital Dublin, and used every available moment to explore Ireland from top to bottom, east to west. And do you know what? It feels as though we’ve only just scratched at the surface.

County Donegal

Co. Donegal in the Winter time… Yes it was REALLY cold, but beautiful as well!

Rugged up against the cold, but loving exploring Ireland in Winter.

Rugged up against the cold, but loving exploring Ireland in Winter.

We ticked off all of the big ticket items, The Cliffs of Moher, The Giant’s Causeway, The Ring of Kerry and so on. But, we also poked about in the tiny unheard of hamlets, small out of the way villages and century old ruins that were free to enter and wander about in. Sometimes we would just hop in the car and go for a drive to see where we’d end up, because to be sure, there is always a treasure to be discovered here in Ireland.

Ring Of Kerry

The Ring Of Kerry

Blarney Castle

We had Blarney Castle almost all to ourselves.

Highlights of the places that we’ve explored are probably too numerous to list off, but County Kerry stands out, as does the Antrim Coast, Blarney Castle and Glendalough. But it’s not just the sites it’s also the people. The field sport Hurling enabled us to become involved in a local tradition, and a community. The wonderful home educators that we met regularly, invited us into their homes and their circles. Workmates who offered a laugh as well as insider tips for further exploration of the country that they are all so proud to call home. And of course there’s that Irish accent that we still have trouble with sometimes! It’s not without some sadness that we continue on Our Global Adventure, and there is no doubt that we’ll all be leaving a little bit of our hearts in Éire.

Slán (Goodbye) Ireland.

Enjoy our beautiful collection of memories of Ireland, nine months condensed into four minutes.


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11 thoughts on “Our Irish Blessing

  1. What a gorgeous post! Thanks so much for sharing your Irish adventure with us – I loved it all! Can’t wait to see how France goes!

    • Thanks Thursday! We definitely created some great memories in Ireland, it is such a beautiful country, and even after 9 months, we still only feel like we only just scratched the surface. Thanks for following along, hope you enjoy reading about France as well 🙂

  2. Thankyou for all the Irish blessings you have given us in your Irish adventure. I have so enjoyed all the commentary you have given us- learning so much of the history of Ireland and more of the culture – journeying us with you, that has been so special. You are so right in doing this adventure now while you are all young and with so much energy to take it all in no matter where you travel. Ireland is a truly beautiful place with truly beautiful people and some of them tell Kerryman jokes too!! I am sure a part of your heart will stay in Ireland .. mine has!!! I just love Ireland…………..
    Take great care as you travel forward into France and enjoy all that you find there.
    Blessings and safe travel to you all. Aunt Patricia

    • Thank you Aunt Patricia, yes you are right, we’ll be leaving a little of our heart behind in Ireland. It truly is a beautiful, majestic and breathtaking country. We enjoyed our 9 months there very much… although the weather perhaps not that much! It sure has been a wonderful journey so far and we hope that our experience in France will be equally positive. Thanks so much for following along and commenting to let us know that you are there, we really appreciate it xx

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