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We don’t carry a lot of ‘stuff’, but there’s some gear we love to travel with…

All products featured on this page are here because we honestly love, and recommend them. None of them are paid reviews, just our honest opinion of the gear that we’ve found to be great for travelling with a family.


samsung-galaxy-camera-ek-gc100.33694955We love our Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100 Camera. It takes great 16 megapixel photos with the 21 x optical zoom, has a nice big 4.8″ touch screen for viewing and editing pictures, but is still small and light enough to carry around easily on a day out of sightseeing.  But best of all, it is a smart camera. Just like your phone it has full android capabilities including WiFi (or you can use a simcard) for uploading your pics straight to your dropbox or on to social networks. That means it’s easy to upload to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest straight from the camera. So why use this camera instead of your phone to take photos? Zoom folks – it’s crisp and clear with no shaky hand syndrome going on. Not to mention cool inbuilt tools like the “Smart” mode, which includes best face, macro, snow and sunset settings so you can take great photos without being an expert. Did I mention we love it?? 🙂

9781742207490_p0_v1_s260x420Our favourite travel books are the Lonely Planet Guides. In the old days we carried ‘real’ Lonely Planet guides in our backpack, but these days we’re trying to convert our ways to the eBooks in an attempt to save space and weight. To be honest, I am a paper book kind of girl. I like dog eared pages and underlined text, but Simon is doing his best to convince me that I can still do all of these things in digital format… hmmm, we’ll see who wins this one 😉 Either way, the reason we love Lonely Planet is the unbiased view, these guides don’t assume that the reader is a particular nationality or stereotype. Backpacker, independent, couples or families – they’ve got you covered.


pakliteWe use Paklite Mobius Luggage. For our family travelling with kids, we wanted to make sure that if we find ourselves in a situation with two very tired children, we’d be able to carry all the luggage and still have a hand free to hold on to the kids in a crowd. Solution: 2 Mobius roller cases for mum and dad to pull along whilst wearing our old faithful backpacks.  We also purchased an additional two smaller Paklite daypacks for the kids to keep their own bits and pieces in. We chose the Paklite rollers because they are made from heavy-duty, hard wearing polyester with a fully lined interior. An alloy trolley handle system at the top of the bag, plus two rollerblade wheels on the base of the bag, allow us to wheel our luggage around behind us effortlessly. There are handles on the top and base of the Mobius roller case, which allows them to be easily loaded into car boots, buses and tight spaces because they also have soft sides. There are lots of pockets inside and out to help keep things organised, and adjustable compression straps on the exterior of the bag allow us to compress the size of the bag, making it smaller when required.

Karimoor GlobalNorth Face 55LNot so flashy and new, but more the old and dependable type, are our old backpacks, this old guy and gal have seen a few miles. Our old Karrimor Global 55-70L and North Face 55L backpacks have proven they’re up to the job, and we’re bringing them out of retirement for another spin around the world. We love these two and all the memories they hold. They’re both strong, exceptionally well made and very practical with their zip around 3 sides opening instead of just at the top like some other packs have. Both of them are able to have all of the straps zipped away neatly for air travel and they each have a small detachable daypack. Simon’s Karrimor Global can be extended to increase the capacity up to the 70L, which suits him as he’s a big fella who can take the extra weight on his back. My North Face 55L is a lot more compact and doesn’t stick out too far at the back, so I don’t feel like it’s pulling me backward. It’s also shorter in length which suits me fine as I am a little vertically challenged myself 😉 When purchasing a backpack before a big trip we highly recommend that you speak to the experts at a reputable travel store. They are an expensive purchase, so you’ll want to make sure that you find the right fit for your body shape. Get the experts to fill the backpack with weight in the store and adjust all the straps until they’re comfortable. Girls, you won’t care how pretty your backpack is, or about all that extra space to pack a hairdryer when it’s been on your back for 6 months! Comfort is a must, plus quality which is why we recommend  both Karrimor and North Face.





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