The Road Traveled So Far and Looking Forward in 2014

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We’re the Nitschke Family. You can learn more about us here. If you’ve been following along, you will already know that we currently live in Adelaide, in South Australia, but we hope to soon become citizens of Planet Earth. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? No, we’re not Superheroes, just an ordinary family who have had enough of the rat race. We are tired of being consumers, and we believe that there is a whole world of amazing lessons for our children outside of the classroom. We want to be their teachers now, and our lessons will include…

  • It’s experiences that make life worth living, not the collection of possessions
  • The best way to understand other cultures is to be a foreigner in their land
  • There is more to life than working 9-5 to pay for the Australian suburban dream, (and whose dream is it anyway?)
  • Knowledge is best acquired through experience, not memorising facts and standardised tests
  • A smile and an open heart are the best weapons to break down barriers and foster tolerance
  • The world is indeed a very small place, it’s not so big and scary as the evening news would have us believe
  • Families everywhere all want the same thing for their children, love, safety, shelter and a full tummy
  • Wealth is available to everyone, but everyone’s definition of wealth is different

We’ve decided to blog about our experiences rather than keep a personal journey: So that we can keep a digital record of our journey and the lessons we learn along the way. So that we can keep in touch with family and friends at home and around the world. So that we can inspire others to take a leap of faith and do what makes them happy – especially those with children. So that we can record the thought process that we go through as our plans evolve and change along the way. So that we might have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to other like minded people, and hopefully meet some along the road.

Our goals for 2014 include…

  • Reducing our belongings to the luggage allowance for four people on an international airline
  • Quitting our regular 9-5 jobs and replacing them with short-term teaching and volunteering opportunities
  • Writing an eBook (or two!) that will assist others to take a leap of faith to the life that they want to live
  • Building our readership to encourage advertisers and sponsors to help keep us on the road longer
  • Deschooling our children (and us!) so that they are open to the learning that occurs incidentally around them everyday
  • Meeting other Worldschooling families who have similar aspirations for their children
  • Improve our family health and fitness

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    • Thanks Cherrie, we can’t wait to get started now, it’s very frustrating waiting for our house to sell so that we can hit the road!

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