Lonely Planet Google+ Hangout on Air… with US!


Lonely Planet our favourite guide books and travel experts, is hosting a Google+ Hang Out on Air this Monday the 19th May, and WE have been invited to join the panel chatting about family travel!  Our Global Adventure is super excited to be chatting live with HUGE family travel bloggers Y Travel Blog and Family Adventure Project about travel with kids. This is a dream come true for Simon and I. Lonely Planet have always been the only travel books that we use and recommend. We love the unbiased view that Lonely Planet provide, there’s no assumption that the reader is a particular nationality or stereotype, and the guides are unbelievably comprehensive. On top of our fabulous hosts, we are tripping over ourselves with excitement about chatting live with Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog, who’s tips and travels have been inspiring by for a while now. We’re also bursting to get to know Kirstie and Stuart from Family Adventure Project. They’re experts on adventure travel with kids, and the travel they’ve already got under their belt is truly mind blowing! 

If you want to hear how we’re planning Our Global Adventure, and they’re DOING it, come along and join us! Oh, and don’t forget to share with your favourite family travelers 🙂



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