Drive around Wexford Town, Ireland

Wexford Town in County Wexford is home for us right now, and it’s a buzzing town of vibrant colours. The buildings are a mix of old and very old. Well, old to the average Australian anyway! We took a drive around town with the GoPro on a recent sunny day – don’t be fooled – blue sky, winters day – COLD!

5 thoughts on “Drive around Wexford Town, Ireland

  1. Hello again from Aunt Patricia. Sorry I couldn’t get the You tube drive around Wexford to open on my computer. I have a block, Nanny Net on my computer to protect Rianna from ‘nasties’, and this blocked your Wexford drive out. I am sometimes surprised at what it does block – but it needs to be safe. We met a man from Wexford when we were in Co Clare Ireland for a Tourism Conference in 2002. He was greatly taken with us – had his photo taken with us – his name was Terry!! I forgot to write in my last comments to you – another place worth a visit, and on the eastern coast of Ireland but to the south of Wexford is Waterford – especially the Waterford crystal place. The crystal there is amazing – especially the commissioned trophies – magnificent. There is lots to see there. There were NO SMOKING signs up everywhere – and when we were there we saw this big Texan sitting at a table in the middle of a display space – big white Texan hat – big fat cheque book – and a big fat cigar – and nobody saying anything!!!!! We quietly laughed to ourselves … money speaks many languages doesn’t it??? And no we didn’t buy any crystal.!!! Keep enjoying Wexford and Ireland .. take care — and Merry Christmas to you all. OOOO

  2. Cool video. I would personally get claustrophobic, but you know me, I need wide open spaces! Looks really cool, some amazing old buildings to look at.

    • Not many open-spaces in the town Ashley, but in just a few moments we’re out in the countryside where you would love it! Can’t wait for Simon to post a video of some country driving in Ireland, it’s my favourite xx

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