That Moment I Realised, ‘We’re Free!’

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Today started out like any other day, well any other day for us I should say. But, I suppose our days aren’t really what most would consider normal. There’s no morning rush to get ready for school and work, because there is no school or work anymore. There’s no more watching the clock, or even the calendar, and there aren’t really any rules any more either. But for us, the day started out quite normal, breakfast, feeding chickens, playing, and reading, and social networking to keep Our Global Adventure ticking along.

Simon wanted to go to the local post office to see if some camera filters he’d ordered had arrived, and I wanted to pick up a few staples at the local store. We had vaguely discussed going for a quick trip at some stage to do these very ordinary errands, but Spring had other ideas in store for us today. A tiny joey, taking its first solo trip out of Mamma Wallaby’s pouch caught our attention not far from the house. We all crept out into the bright morning sunshine to witness Spring’s wonder, and our day took the most delightful turn. Continue reading

Walking Away From the Past

One of the sections toward the property boundary.

One of the sections toward the property boundary.

Since starting on Our Global Adventure we have been doing a lot of walking. Literally, walking. We are using our legs every day for physical exercise for sure, but it feels like so much more than that. Our walking is therapy. In the metaphorical sense, our family is walking away from our past toward a bright new future full of possibilities. Continue reading

Welcome New Followers!


Now that our house has sold and Simon has resigned from his job, it’s so lovely to finally be able to share our plans with everybody here in Adelaide and abroad. As a result, we’ve been blessed with so many new followers here on the blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. We really hope that you enjoy traveling with us through our blog posts, and that maybe we might even inspire others to have an adventure of their own!
As you have learnt, we plan to slow travel with our children. We’d like to live and work in different communities around the globe, immersing our family in different cultures, languages and experiences, learning as we go. Simon and I will need to work as we travel (there isn’t an endless pool of money unfortunately) but by keeping our living expenses low, our dream is to work less, and live more with the children. We are also hoping that this blog, and it’s associated social media outlets will also help generate a little trickle of income to keep us travelling longer, and that’s where you come in dear readers!
We need your help… Blogs make money through advertising on the side panels, sponsored posts, product reviews, and paid writing for other sites, BUT to get the attention of travel related companies and products we need to have a constant flow of ‘traffic’ visiting our blog as well as a strong following of subscribed readers. YOU can help us without even leaving your couch, and it won’t cost you a cent. If you like what you read on our blog, Facebook etc, please share it with your friends. If you think that you might know somebody who dreams of world travel with or without children, long or short term, please send them a link to our blog or social media accounts. If you haven’t already subscribed to receive email updates from the blog, please do! Basically, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE like crazy! We would be eternally grateful for each and every comment on the blog or other social media platforms, and for each time that you hit the ‘share’ button. In return, we promise to keep you updated with regular posts to inspire you to have your own adventures (big and small) and to keep you updated with the realities of family travel on a budget.
Before we head to Europe later in the year, we are spending 3 months Housesitting a gorgeous rural home in the Bega Valley in New South Wales. From there, we will be able to explore a beautiful part of Australia that we’ve not traveled to before, as well as see lots of Australian wildlife. We’re using this time away from the distractions of suburban life to focus on family time, our health and general well-being, and further exploration of Unschooling and natural learning with our children. During this time I also hope to put together a little guide on how we went from regular suburban family, to a world travelling, Unschooling one! I hope that this will be of interest to a few readers as well, so keep an eye out for that 🙂
Once again, thanks so much to all of our followers. Having you all come along for the ride makes us feel like the world really isn’t so big and scary at all!

A Year Later. What’s Happened?

Adventure is out there!

“Adventure is out there!”

It has been almost exactly 12 months since Simon and I decided it was time this family had an adventure. Suburban life and long work hours had taken their toll, we yearned to dust off the backpacks we travelled with years ago, and hit the open road. In June 2013 we started putting the wheels in motion toward carving out a new road to follow. One that would give us more time with our children, and less of the stress, debt and financial commitments. This week, after 2 months of toing and froing with the buyer, and 7 months on the market, our house finally sold! So what’s happened over the past 12 months? How did we get this far, and what does it feel like now that we are 4 weeks away from our new lives? Continue reading

Our Global Adventure: The Liebster Award for Bloggers


Last week, Diane from Wife With Baggage nominated Our Global Adventure for The Liebster Award. Diane and her husband Micheal blog about the travel experiences that they share together around their 9-5 careers, (and they’ve had a lot!). Wife With Baggage have already travelled the USA, Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, Europe and South America. Woah! That’s pretty impressive! The goal and purpose of Wife With Baggage blog is to help you incorporate travel into your life even with a full time career and family, and we think they do a really good job of it. Diane’s recent post about a road trip through Namibia is one of my favourites, it’s informative and beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photos. As a BIG thank you to Diane for our nomination, won’t you pop over to their site Wife With Baggage and take a peep? We think you’ll love it 🙂 Continue reading

Talking Family Travel with Lonely Planet

Last night we had the extreme privilege to ‘Hangout’ on Google+ with some of the coolest folks in the travel world. Our sincerest thanks must go to Tasmin, Emma, Tom and Sebastian from Lonely Planet. Thank you all so much for the opportunity to join in the conversation re Family Travel.

To Caz and Craig from Ytravel Blog, we are in awe of you everyday. You both set the benchmark in Australia for your ‘go anywhere with kids’ attitude to travel, and we are honored to have chatted to you both on the panel. We wish you every happiness on your family roadtrip around Australia, and hope to meet you again on the road one day.

To Kirstie and Stuart from The Family Adventure Project, it was wonderful to chat with you both on the panel. You have such a wonderful attitude to family travel, and we aspire to even a smidgen of your bravery for adventure travel with children. You are amazing!

We are still grinning like Cheshire Cats, completely gushing over our experience on the panel, talking Family Travel with some of the biggest experts wandering the globe with kiddies. If you missed our live Google+ Hangout, here’s another opportunity to see it again, we hope everyone who see’s it will be as inspired as we are to follow these folks and their children on a Global Adventure.


15 Steps Closer to Family Travel

Our Global Adventure is so close we can almost touch it, we’re almost ready to hit the road and start sharing the world with our children. Getting this dream off the ground has been 12 months in the making, but 12 years simmering under the surface. So how did we get here, and what practical steps can you take toward heading off on a Global Adventure of your own with the kids? Continue reading