Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia


White, sandy Byron Bay with a view to the lighthouse on Cape Byron.

White, sandy Byron Bay with a view to the lighthouse on Cape Byron.

The coastal town of Byron Bay in northern New South Wales, Australia has developed a reputation over the years as a laid back, sleepy town, with a hippy/surfie vibe. In truth there probably isn’t a lot that separates this town from other pretty beach towns along this stretch of popular coast, but it’s this ‘vibe’ that brings the backpackers and tourists each year in search of a spot to chill out. Byron Bay’s close proximity to hippy mecca Nimbin, a little further in land, and the great surf conditions on local beaches are major drawcard to the dreadlocked 18-25’s but over the years we have found that this spot has a lot of appeal to families also. Continue reading

The Grand Pacific Drive – NSW – Australia


In the last week of October, as the whales were migrating south down Australia’s East Coast, Our Global Adventure was road tripping North. We had been highly anticipating this last Australian trip before flying to Europe since we left Adelaide. In our many road trips north over the years we had always seemed to miss the coastal stretch from Melbourne to Sydney, and it was time to fill in the gap. In particular, one stretch of road, The Grand Pacific Drive, with its famous Sea Cliff Bridge, was not to be missed as we made our way to Sydney from the Sapphire Coast. Continue reading

Three Months in the Australian Bush – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Our Global Adventure

After three and a half months in rural New South Wales, it’s hard to believe that we’ve only three days left of our housesitting assignment. This has been the first leg of Our Global Adventure since selling our home, belongings and business and quitting jobs and school to travel the world with our children. In terms of ‘world travel’ we didn’t actually go that far. The eco-friendly, off grid house that we have been living in, is in fact only about 1400km from our Adelaide suburban home. However, the differences between the two are enormous, and living here has been the therapy that we were looking for – Just what the doctor ordered… Continue reading

Australia’s Parliament House, Canberra

'New' Parliament House

‘New’ Parliament House

Last week we popped over to Canberra for a quick shopping trip in Australia’s capital city. Canberra is only a couple of hours away from where we are staying in the Bega Valley and as it is nestled so close to Australia’s Snowy Mountains it is home to many great outdoor clothing stores. Since we’ll be heading to cold, wet Ireland in less than a month, a trip to Canberra was on the cards to deck the kids out with some cool Gortex and Fleece jackets in the end of winter sales. After a couple of hours shopping and a quick bite to eat for lunch, we found ourselves with an afternoon free in the capital to visit one of the many sites.  Continue reading

Brogo Dam – NSW Australia

Kayaking, canoeing and boating, in some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable in South Eastern Australia, topped off with great fishing in a dam stocked with hundreds of thousands of Australian Bass!

Kayaking on Brogo Dam

Kayaking on Brogo Dam

Continue reading

Going Underground… At Buchan!

Stalactites and stalagmites inside the Buchan caves.

Stalactites and stalagmites inside the Buchan caves.

Can’t face getting another year older? Go underground… Literally!

Last week it was my birthday, I like to say that I turned 29, but I’ve been turning 29 for a few years now. Truthfully, I don’t like birthdays very much, and with each passing year I realise more and more why my Grandmother lied about her age. By the time she passed away, Grandma was at least 20 years younger! Knowing how much I enjoy birthdays, and that I definitely would not want a present (no room in the backpack for more stuff!) Simon suggested we organise a trip to do something special to mark the day instead, and I think it may just have been my best birthday yet! Continue reading

The Unbelievable Australian Road Trip No-one has Ever Heard of.

The along McKillop Road

The view along McKillop Road

Last week Our Global Adventure took another road trip, one which we think maybe the best we’ve ever done. In fact we’re so confident that this road trip will blow your mind, we are going to say it is one of the best in Australia, maybe even the world! We were road tripping in Victoria, but guess what? We are NOT talking about The Great Ocean Road. Yup this one is better! This unbelievable road trip, that no-one has ever heard of, is in the Snowy River Country in East Gippsland, and it is time to put it on your bucket list. Continue reading

That Moment I Realised, ‘We’re Free!’

PicMonkey Collage3

Today started out like any other day, well any other day for us I should say. But, I suppose our days aren’t really what most would consider normal. There’s no morning rush to get ready for school and work, because there is no school or work anymore. There’s no more watching the clock, or even the calendar, and there aren’t really any rules any more either. But for us, the day started out quite normal, breakfast, feeding chickens, playing, and reading, and social networking to keep Our Global Adventure ticking along.

Simon wanted to go to the local post office to see if some camera filters he’d ordered had arrived, and I wanted to pick up a few staples at the local store. We had vaguely discussed going for a quick trip at some stage to do these very ordinary errands, but Spring had other ideas in store for us today. A tiny joey, taking its first solo trip out of Mamma Wallaby’s pouch caught our attention not far from the house. We all crept out into the bright morning sunshine to witness Spring’s wonder, and our day took the most delightful turn. Continue reading

10 Tips for Stress Free Road Tripping With Kids



Australia is a BIG country, best explored by road, but that does mean that visitors will be in for some BIG road trips! We’ve been road tripping with our kids since they were both toddlers, that’s over 10 years of experience hitting the open road, and keeping our sanity intact along the way. For readers considering a BIG road trip with kids, we’ve come up with 10 tips for a stress free experience. Continue reading

OK New South Wales, the Joke’s on Us…

In the spirit of being completely honest here on the blog, it’s time to tell the truth about our housesit here in the Bega Valley, southern New South Wales, Australia. We told you it was heaven. We’ve been posting pictures regularly on Facebook and Instagram of beautiful scenery and stunning coastlines, amazing wildlife, and lazy days in the winter sunshine… but we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you about the horrible dark secret the locals keep, if we didn’t tell you the whole truth about living in the Bega Valley… Continue reading