I’m Allergic to this Life. I Think I Need a New One.

No. I don’t own one of these, sadly it’s too close to reality!

Did you know I have some pretty freaky allergies and intolerances? Most of the time I just keep it to myself, I always think people will judge me as being a whinger, or a hypochondriac. But since I consider my health to be one of the motivating factors that lead Simon and I to explore our lifestyle options, I’ve decided to go public. I like to think that I am a fairly healthy person. I watch what I eat, I’m within a healthy weight range, I run a couple of times a week, and I swim a couple of times a week, and yet, frustratingly, there are elements to my health that seem to be out of my control. Irritatingly also, all of the things that my body rejects are very common to the average person, so in our house we do joke a little about Mum’s freaky (sometimes deadly) allergies.

I’ve never actually made a list of the things that give me nasty side effects (too scary and embarrassing) but in the spirit of naked honesty, here goes… Oh and sorry if it’s TMI 🙂

  • Pollen, OK that’s a pretty common allergy, but yup, I am a Hayfever sufferer, sneezes, runny nose, headaches the lot.
  • Pork, for as long as I can remember pork has given me “food poisoning” type effects, so I avoid it.
  • Dairy, not a biggie for me, but too much milk just makes me feel blah in the tummy.
  • Paracetamol, a recent addition, after years of popping the odd Panadol for a headache, one day Anaphylaxis reared it’s ugly head.
  • Aspirin, only discovered through tests as a result of the above visit to the Emergency Room, I didn’t routinely take it anyway, also causes Anaphylaxis.
  • Ibuprofen, also discovered in the same controlled hospital tests, also causes Anaphylaxis, along with…
  • Codeine and Morphine
  • Penicillin, I’ve had this allergy on my medical records since I was about 20, and ended up at the ER with palpitations and vomiting from some antibiotics I’d been prescribed.
  • Red Meat, this one seemed to be a bit of a part-time intolerance. Sometimes it would effect me like Pork, (but without the vomiting, yes you get it) and sometimes it wouldn’t. When the attacks started to get more frequent recently, I decided to just give it up all together. Over 6 weeks ago I stopped eating ALL meat, and I haven’t looked back. Feeling great, with no nasty side effects and I’ve had no cravings to be a carnivore again.

I think that’s it, it’s at least all that comes to mind right now. So if you were wondering if perhaps you’d need to be a little odd to sell all you own, quit your job and unschool your kids, well perhaps you do! Ha ha! But I prefer to see this list as an allergy to my current life. Hopefully one day, I’ll find myself in such a state of health and harmony that my body will heal itself, and I’ll either a) have no use for the above mentioned drugs, or b) be able to take the odd Panadol without dying. As for the meat thing, I’ll see how that one plays out. Right now I’m feeling better than ever with a vege diet, but I don’t know that 6 weeks admits me to the vegetarian club just yet 😉

Yes, I know I just outed myself, please don’t judge me too harshly! I don’t intentionally try to be a little kooky, but when I look at the whole package that is my life in print, even I have raised eyebrows. In past posts, Simon and I have mentioned our health as a motivation for change, so I just wanted to clear up what we meant. For me, it’s the allergies and intolerances, for Simon it’s the stress of the 9-5 and his lifelong battle with his weight, (which could very well be made worse by the stress of the 9-5 desk job!). We also want our kids to live their healthiest lives, and not develop the same issues we have. We are firm believers that you should be the change that you seek for your kids. So what do you think? Do I need a new life? Would you like one too?

4 thoughts on “I’m Allergic to this Life. I Think I Need a New One.

  1. I so love your honesty, Gina. Your allergies don’t seem so bad. I’ve known weirder ones. I think you were meant to be a vegetarian 🙂 I could use that shirt too. I’m allergic to my 9-5 job right now and hoping to change that soon. Here’s wishing you and Simon and the rest of us lots of luck to a new life.

    • Thanks Mary! You are very kind 🙂 LOVED your tacky tourist photo post by the way! Hubby and I had a great chuckle reading that one! Yes, we could all do with a bit of luck right now, I’ve quit my 9-5, but Simon is still working. We can’t wait to hit the road. Since we’re on opposite sides of the planet do you think the end of the rainbow might be somewhere in the middle? We’ll meet you there if you like!

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