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Hi! Thanks for joining us on our adventure, hopefully we can inspire you to have an adventure, big or small of your own. Stick around, and we’ll show you how we got started on Our Global Adventure, and life on the road – The good, the bad and the ugly, but always the truth…

We are Simon and Gina, and our two beautiful children Lucy  (13)and Oscar (8). We call Adelaide in Australia home.

Simon is a Tradesman (Fitter and Turner) turned IT Support Officer, then Recruitment Operations Manager, and long-term logical thinking, problem solver. Most of all though, he’s a dad and husband. Always fair, patient and kind, it takes a lot to rattle this man.

Gina is a School Teacher turned Cupcake Shop Owner and mum. She is the organised one, the dreamer and the one with her eye on the clock. Always flitting from one to the next, Gina is learning to slow down a little and focus on Worldschooling / Unschooling Lucy and Oscar.

Lucy is a like her dad. Not much phases Lucy, and cool, calm and collected is the norm for her. Lucy is an avid reader and her favourite books of all time are the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games. She is thoughtful, generous and kind and always ready with a warm hug.

Oscar is a little pocket rocket. He’s full of energy, spunk and charisma, (although cheeky comes to mind as well!). He is always switched on and alert, looking for mischief and confidently tackling new challenges. Oscar loves Star Wars and his big sister.

We’ve decided that it’s time this family had an Adventure! Suburban life and long work hours have taken their toll, so we’re dusting off the backpacks and hitting the open road. Our plans are loose, and our ideas are big, but we hope to see as much of this wonderful planet we live on as possible, and we invite you to come along and join us for the ride!

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