10 Reasons Why We Have Decided to Live in Ireland

ireland_118_bg_061702 (Medium) The flights are booked, and there’s dog-eared pages in our Lonely Planet Guide. In 10 weeks we will be moving to The Republic of Ireland, or Eire as the locals prefer to call it. So in anticipation of counting down the next 10 weeks, it seems only fitting that we share our top 10 reasons for starting the first overseas leg of Our Global Adventure in Ireland.
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  1. We have never been to Ireland before. It’s embarrassing, but true. Simon and I lived in London UK for over three years, and never took the short trip to Ireland. Like all young travellers we thought that the adventure would never end, that there would be plenty of time to go everywhere, but alas time did run out. Our two biggest travel regrets from the time that we spent living in London were not having travelled to Ireland and Russia. This time around we won’t miss them! ireland_31_bg_062002 (Medium)
  2. Ireland works for Simon’s Visa. The kids and I all have both Australian and British Passports, Simon on the other hand only has an Australian one. This presented issues for our original plans of slow travel starting in England. An Australian passport holder can live and work in the EU zone with their EU spouse for as long as they are together there, but when it comes to the UK the rules change. Going to England again is a major part of our travel plans, we really want to go back for a little while. Unfortunately without us fully immigrating to the UK (which has many road blocks for non EU spouses) Simon can only enter the UK for up to 6 months on a visitor Visa without the right to work. At the moment we are not even sure if we want to stay longer than 6 months, or if he will need to work, (it’s easier for me to pick up teaching work there) but frankly we don’t like being at the mercy of customs officers at Heathrow, nor having our income options decided for us. If we live in Ireland first for a few months, because I am exercising my EU Treaty Rights for Freedom of Movement, my spouse can then apply for an EU resident visa, this will allow him up to 5 years of travel in the EU, including the UK.
  3. Ireland is English Speaking, well mostly. Actually the national language in Ireland is Irish (Gaeilge) but everyone also speaks English. So that the kids wouldn’t find the transition to International travel too hard, we wanted to make things a little easier by starting in a country where they would be able to understand the language. There will be plenty of time for learning new languages when we take on the rest of Europe and the world. Whilst we are pretty excited about hearing and learning some words in Gaeilge, the kids won’t have to use it daily in everyday transactions. ireland_201_bg_061902 (Medium)
  4. Ireland has the new Wild Atlantic Way. As you may have noticed, we love a great road trip, it’s probably our favourite way to travel. Ireland’s newly completed Wild Atlantic Way is a real drawcard. All of the coastal roads around this little island have recently been linked up to create a continuous winding scenic route. Our plan is to arrive in Dublin, buy a car and start our road-trip on the Wild Atlantic Way exploring Ireland for the place where we’d like to settle down for a while.
  5. Ireland is renowned for its beauty. Have you ever heard anyone say Ireland is ugly? Ugly and Ireland just don’t go together. Every article we’ve read, guide book we’ve pursued or picture we’ve seen suggests that Ireland is nothing short of beautiful. The iconic Cliffs of Moher, the rolling green hills, country lanes, pretty cities, lakes and castle ruins, there’s plenty to look forward to.
  6. Ireland is home to unbelievable history, the human settlement history alone dates back over 5000 years. There are pre-historic human settlements to explore, a Viking history and many, many castles and monasteries. We all love history and I expect that exploring Irelands history will provide us with many months of touring. The kids love the BBC’s Horrible Histories program, they can’t wait to visit historical sites and learn about them in person. ireland_29_bg_070502 (Medium)
  7. Ireland is small, its size makes it very accessible for a short stay. We feel confident that in a few months in Ireland we will be able to see a lot of what the different counties have to offer. At the moment we expect that we will probably stay about 6 months, but since we’ve booked one-way flights we can stay as long as we like before moving on to the next country on Our Global Adventure.
  8. Believe it or not the weather is a reason to choose Ireland. Yes, for us Aussies it’s cold, (Simon actually loves the cold!) but we had always planned a Northern Hemisphere Christmas for the kids. They may not get snow in Ireland at Christmas time, but the children will experience their first cold Christmas which will be quite a change from our Australian one! Of course everyone knows that it rains a lot in Ireland, and that’s how it came to be known as The Emerald Isle, it’s just so green. This is actually something that we are looking forward to. We come from the driest state in Australia, South Australia, where it never seems to rain enough. Drought is common and for much of the year the land is very dry and brown, wet winters and spring are celebrated and not always guaranteed. Whilst I’m sure the novelty of regular rain will wear off eventually, we are looking forward to living in a place where it is green all year round. ireland_251_bg_062202 (Medium)
  9. Ireland’s proximity to England also makes it appealing to us. We know that after Ireland our next stop will be England, but at this stage we’re not sure whether or not we will settle there for a while. Being able to get the London and the rest of the UK cheaply was a priority for our first international location, there are just so many people and places that we want to catch up with there. London is calling us home.
  10. Ireland is famed for its friendly people. Céad míle fáilte or “a hundred thousand welcomes” is the phrase that comes to mind. Every other traveller that we have spoken to, and the accounts that we have read, have raved about the friendly, welcoming nature of Irish people. Our aim is to really get to know a community and a culture, that’s why we chose to travel slowly with the children, settling down here and there. Sure, there are friendly folk found in every country on the planet, but why not start in one that is famed for it’s friendliness? The_Wild_Geese_Restaurant_Adare_Ireland (Medium)

Have you ever been to Ireland? What would do you think of our plans? Any recommendations? Tell us what you think 🙂

11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We Have Decided to Live in Ireland

  1. I’m so excited for you. I think Ireland is a really good choice for a starting country. I’m a bit envious too, I have never been to Ireland myself (and NL is not even that far from it).

  2. I love the Uk too, and my hubby and kids haven’t ever been. We were thinking about doing a long trip through either Scotland or Ireland, so I will follow your postings with great interest! Enjoy – its such a lovely, beautiful country! As a side note, I spent some time in Northern Ireland as a college student and came away believing it to be filled with the warmest, kindest people I had ever met. I know they have their share of problems there (as many of us do in our own countries), but I long to go back there as well.

    • Thanks Heather! When we were living in London and even after returning to Australia we always dreamed about living Scotland, it is one of our favourite countries. To start our journey Ireland is as close as we can get at the moment until we sort out Simon’s Visa issues but we are not sorry at all, perhaps we’ll head over to Scotland afterward? Who knows? It will be interesting to see how the Scots vote in the upcoming independence referendum this month, and how that will effect visas 😉 Good luck on your own travels, see you out there in the world one day!

  3. That’s really interesting. So you’ll be there a few years to get the visa? I’ve only been once and drove the south coast and back to Dublin. It was a lovely week. Don’t forget to pop over to Wales on the ferry, it’s right next door and it’s my home. One of them, along with London and Australia. Have fun and good luck on your adventure!

    • We only have to stay a few months in Ireland, to exercise my Treaty Rights I have to work, (even part-time) whilst we are there. It has to be the EU citizen that works, but the Aussie (my husband) is allowed to as well. We figured an EU 5 year resident Visa would be a better option for us than jumping through hoops to immigrate to England because we knew we didn’t want to stay there forever. Wales is definitely on our to-do list, we only saw a tiny part of it last time 🙂

  4. Yes! We have been to Ireland, and reading your 10 good reasons sounds marvelous to me. You will never see green like it .. and so many shades of green. Some of the photos on the blog are places I have seen .. Kylemore Abbey – just gorgeous – and another photo that looks like the new Visitor Centre at the Cliffs of Moher. And do be sure to explore Cobh a wonderful place, last place of call for the Titanic!! Will enjoy your Ireland adventures!!! Aunt Patriria xx

    • Aunt Patricia we are so pleased you read that post, we knew you would have some great suggestions for us! We are all in a very special state of mind at the moment, we love where we are, and don’t want to rush this time at all, but we are all really excited about going to Ireland and the adventure that we will start there 🙂

  5. It’s a lovely country. My husband is Irish and I lived there for 4 years. It’s been 11 years since we moved to australia but we plan to move back to dublin next August (after 4 months in Greece) for a year. Where are you planning on living?

    • Hi Tina, so many people have told us how lovely Ireland will be, we are really looking forward to it. We’re not sure where we will live yet, we plan on buying a car shortly after we arrive in Dublin and taking a bit of a road trip to find a nice spot to settle down for a few months 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your stay in Greece – how cool!!

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